5 Reasons to Use Seer Secrets Facial Mist

Seer Secrets Facial Mist

A face mist is so much more than just a beauty fad! More so, if its the Seer Secrets tranquility facial mist. Seer Secrets is an organic brand evolving from an alcohol-free world of products, made out of 100% natural ingredients. With an intention to promote high thinking and simple living, Seer Secrets relies on skincare secrets passed on to it by sages, seers, and clairvoyants. Which, is why it is symbolic of wholesome skincare curated from rare herbs. Something that inspired us to give their Silverated Lavender, and Geranium tranquility facial mist, a shot.

Not only, does this facial mist ensure ultimate refreshment, but is also, infused with Lavender, Geranium, and Frankincense to smoothen the skin texture. Each with properties that balance, treat, and tone one’s skin. Indeed one of our best skin care choices infused with rare herbs and hydrosols.

5 Reasons To Use Seer Secrets Facial Mist

Priced at INR 297, Seer Secrets facial mist is a beauty potion everyone must own to keep away irritated skin or brighten a dull complexion. A few spritzes of rosewater atomizers is all we need to create maximum visual impact. And we’ve got you covered whatever your skin goals are. We have listed 5 best reasons why you must use Seer Secrets facial mist this season.

1. Seer Secrets Mist Locks in Hydration

Both oily and dry skin types need hydration. With Seer Secrets facial mist, you can lock in hydration with one gentle spray. To prevent facial mist from evaporating, pat it dry with a tissue paper. Spraying on this facial mist just before applying a moisturizer keeps the hydration locked in. For best results, we first use the toner followed by, spraying the mist.

2. This Mist Helps Set Makeup

This facial mist is also our favorite as it helps us set makeup. To emit a long-lasting fresh look, we spray the mist on our face after applying makeup. However, for a more dramatic look, dab your makeup brush with the facial mist before applying the concealer or foundation. (or the eyeshadow) You will be surprised by how well it blends while highlighting the intensity of the look.

3. We Use The Mist To Set Our Hair

Did you know that you could also freshen your hair with the help of a mist? Sometimes we use the mist, categorically to control stubborn hair strands, as the spray does not wet our hair. (unlike water) Also, it smells good and sets our hair just right!

4. Seer Secrets Mist Has Replaced Sticky Lotions

We love light-textured face lotions, however, the consistency of a face cream still ends up making a face sticky. To balance the dense-consistency, we spray a little mist before applying the face cream.

5. This Mist Leaves Us Rejuvenated

Every time we spray Seer Secrets facial mist on our face, it instantly rejuvenates us through the lingering sweet aroma of rosewater and lavender. Whether day or night, adding this facial mist to our traveler’s kit has ‘certainly’ helped us sustain our fresh look.


Lavender hydrosol, Frankincense hydrosol, Geranium hydrosol, Silver hydrosol, citric acid, glycerin, vitamin B5, and Aloe Vera extract.

Additional Instructions:

Store in a cool place

Mist twice or thrice a day to get best results

Can be used to set the makeup

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