Introducing the Soul of Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a vast terrain in Northern Europe, with strong medieval, linguistic, and cultural connections. Scandinavia covers three kingdoms of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, however, also includes the Scandinavian Peninsula of Finland and Iceland, locally called the Nordic countries. Each country belonging to the Scandinavian circle is either listed as the richest or the most advanced in the world. Scandinavians, on the other hand, are known to be the happiest people on Earth. We couldn’t agree less after we returned from our first Scandinavian tour. And what better way to celebrate it then share it with the world. So, here’s introducing the soul of Scandinavia; the four best countries to look out for, world.

1. Denmark


Northernmost Europe, is commonly referred to as Scandinavia and Denmark is North’s soul. Surrounded by infinite-islands, Copenhagen is both Denmark’s reputable capital, as well as, the most-visited city. Home to official Danish Royal Palace, world’s oldest Tivoli amusement park, ever-cheerful Nyhavn harbor, and the iconic “Little Mermaid” statue, Copenhagen introduces you to Denmark like no other Danish city. We miss taking leisure walks across the half-timbered houses and on the medieval era cobbled streets, while, munching our favorite Danish cookies.

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2. Finland


Finland may sound like a far-fetched dream, yet, a large number of people, are connected with this Nordic nation. The “connecting people” slogan and spirit of Nokia, has a Finnish origin. Yes, the multinational brand reigning telecommunications industry for as long as, we remember. Bordering Russia, Norway, and Sweden; Nordic Finland also occupies a massive-peninsula of neighboring islands in the Baltic Sea. Even though, Helsinki, the Finnish capital, is where our journey began! During our 2-days stay in Helsinki, we explored the Rock Church, the Sibelius Monument, Town Hall, Presidential Palace, Finlandia Hall, and the Market Square. While, we have saved the Moomin Theme Park, National Parks and the 18th-century sea fortress of Suomenlinna, for our second trip. 

3. Norway

Flam Market

Of all the countries, we have visited so far, Norway is where we found ourselves. Well, if it’s the happiest place on Earth, there ought to be a valid reason for that. And, we discovered that it’s all about the compassion to serve and reap tenfold with respect, to the subjective well-being. Besides, who wouldn’t be happy in a Nordic nation surrounded by icy glaciers, photo-perfect landscapes, gigantic mountains, and deep coastal fjords? We were keen on discovering Norway from one end to another. Instead, we had to settle for a Norway, in a Nutshell, tour due to circumstantial obstruction. Norway, in a Nutshell, is one trip that takes you straight from centuries-old Bryggen Wharf, in Bergen, to the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, the capital. 

In between, we glided through the world’s longest and narrowest fjords and along the Earth’s oldest Ski-town Geilo. Our first trip was all about admiring the tiny colorful wooden houses, while, on our second trip we intend to partake in hiking, fishing, and skiing.

4. Sweden

Stockholm Golden Hall inside City Hall

Lastly, we visited the Scandinavian nation best-known for its thousands of inland lakes and coastal islands. On our first trip, we traversed through the cobbled streets of Stockholm, the renowned Swedish capital. Stockholm, was a sweet surprise, even though this statement does not justify its magnanimous beauty. Surrounded by glaciated mountains, old-world architecture, and boreal forests, this Swedish capital in actuality, is built on 14 islands. Connected with 50 bridges, Stockholm, puts on display the world’s largest-spherical-building named Globen Arena, the Royal Palace, Gamla Stan and medieval old towns, all worth paying a visit. We loved the Swedish cuisine and culture but our best night was the one that led us to the Absolut Ice Bar; literally to experience life on the rocks!

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There’s a lot we have planned for our second trip. In the meanwhile, if you have traveled to Scandinavia and would like to drop a few lines of suggestions, we will be happy to keep them in mind on our next trip.

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  1. Wonderful images (though they are just a few) and information.
    Just a funny note: How come I have never taken outside photo of shops and cafes in Flåm 😀

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