Unpacking Eye Bags with Roots and Herbs Nutmeg Tailam

After trying several eye potions to get rid of those swollen eye bags we get after long hours of work, we stumbled upon Roots and Herb’s Tailam. Curated with a philosophy that solely focuses on holistic wellness, this under eye Tailam must be the best elixir for the skin. (From the ones we have tested so far) What makes Roots and Herbs, special is that each, of its products, is chemical-free, biodegradable, and recyclable. The Tailam for under eyes is a ‘fine’ example of the brand’s high-quality creation.

The first thing we subconsciously notice about someone is their eyes. Ironically, eyes are also the mirror of your inner well-being. Puffiness and dark circles, are a clear indication that you are either stressed, working too hard, or spend too much time on a laptop or a phone screen. Either way, you are tiring your eyes and even dehydrating them, without intentionally wanting to. While potato peels and tea bags are effective home remedies, they take a little too long to return the refreshing look of your eyes. Nutmeg Tailam, on the other hand, is an Ayurvedic composition which effectively worked much faster on our under eye skin. 

Root and Herbs Tailam Ingredients:

Papaya extracts – 2%, Nutmeg extracts – 5%,Cucumber extracts – 3%, Chakshuskya – 2%, Bhibitaki – 2%, Cold pressed sweet almond oil – 10%, Cold pressed pomegranate oil – 5%, Steam distilled nutmeg essential oil – 0.20%, Steam distilled Cypress essential oil – 0.20% and base blends of other herbs & essential oils – 70.06%

How To Apply:

The Nutmeg Tailam is essentially the blend of perfect oils which naturally and effectively lighten the under-eye skin. This oil-based Tailam comes in a glass bottle with an inbuilt dropper which, makes it easier to use the blend. To apply the Tailam, glide one drop each on either side of the under-bags area, massage gently for a few minutes, and leave as it is. The Nutmeg aroma will linger around, for a while, before subtly fading away, into the air. After a few days of constant moisturizing, the under-eye area will begin to lose its swollen surface making the eyes appear brighter than ever before.

Priced at INR 1190 ($20) for a 100 ML bottle, Roots and Herb’s Nutmeg Tailam is ‘undoubtedly’ the best revitalizing formula on the shelf. Apply twice a day and notice the difference yourself. 

Things To Note Before You Apply 

1. Test the product on a small patch of skin before applying it directly to your under-eye area.
2. Do not leave the product on overnight.

Other than that, luxuriate in a healthy method of healing the eyes with a touch of an Ayurvedic Tailam.

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3 thoughts on “Unpacking Eye Bags with Roots and Herbs Nutmeg Tailam

  1. This ‘Roots and Herbs ‘Brightening Nutmeg’ Tailam is what I am searching for a long time. Your post confirmed that I must buy and use it pronto. Thanks a lot. After reading this post, the 1st action I took is to subscribe to your News Letter. Wish to gain more such trustworthy info in a lucid form.

  2. I came across Roots & Herbs brand when a friend gifted me their kesar ubtan. Despite being ‘men’s ubtan’,it worked beautifully on my skin too thus confirming that it was pure and natural 🙂 Since then I have tried other ubtans from this brand and loved them so much. I am now eyeing this under eye tailam and your review makes it a must-have, so am definitely purchasing this next 🙂

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