Reviewing ProElite iPad Mini Case in Red Leather Finish

Recently, I bought a ProElite iPad Mini Case for I simply could not resist its style. As the name goes, the brand deals in elite accessories as well as, professional brand items from Qinda, Yaojin, and SriCam.

IPad Mini Case by ProElite

Besides, each one of these products is easy to source as ProElite has placed themselves on almost every Indian e-commerce website. Then, may it be Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Snapdeal or Paytm. So if you are looking for high-quality mobile and tablet accessories then this should be your next go-to brand.

ProElite IPad Red Cover

ProElite iPad Mini Case in Red Leather Finish

The I Pad Mini cover I purchased is a sleek, stylish, high-quality, red case which looks like a professional bag. Both the exteriors as well the interiors are beautifully crafted in a leather-feel-alike red and beige contrast. In addition, this professional Apple iPad Mini case automatically wakes the tablet as soon as, you open the lid.

ProElite IPad Cover Handbag Style

I love the fact that it is ultra slim lightweight yet, the hardback is strong enough to protect my precious device. As a matter of fact, the additional pouch is really helpful to carry earphones and other accessories if needed.

ProElite IPad Mini Cover

Furthermore, the case is easy to install, remove, clean and use in various positions as demonstrated in the pictures below. Therefore, if you want to keep your tablet scratch-free and clean, then getting this super-shock absorbing cover, is a very good idea. Even though the market price is INR 1499, ProElite products offer various discounts online.

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