The Grandeur of the Palacio De Cibeles Madrid

It’s almost impossible to not gawk at the grandeur of the Plaza de Cibeles, the first time you lay your eyes on it. An inevitable architecture that’s famous as Palacio de Comunicaciones or the Cibeles Fountain square, in Madrid. What’s today a town hall, was once the Spanish headquarters of Correos in 1919, operating as the telecommunications and postal service. A townhall that celebrates both the local and the global events around the fountain, as an iconic political backdrop. Besides, you can enter this magnificent palace for free which, certainly makes it worth visiting.

Palacio de Cibeles Madrid

Madrid’s Cybele Plaza, or Palace, has been named after Cybele, the Roman goddess of fertility, and agriculture, riding a chariot drawn by 2-lions, and mythical mortals Atalanta and Hippomenes. Built in 17th-century, Madrid’s Cibeles Fountain was ‘originally’ designed to symbolize the water resource of the city. Until mid-18th-century the fountain had two standpipes which served as a water carrier for both the houses and the horses. Wherein, the neo-classical complex of buildings surrounding this iconic fountain, is referred to as the Plaza de Cibeles. It is also popular, as the Cibeles Square, the most-celebrated landmark of the Madrid.

The notable landmark Palacio de Cibeles was built in 1919 and is located at the exuberant intersection of Paseo De Prado and Alcalá streets. Lit up with a vibrant atmosphere, Palacio de Cibeles is also a sorrowful reminder of the number of times it was bombed during Spain’s Civil War. You will notice the bullet holes and hits, in the façade. With renovations executed in 2003, Palacio de Cibeles experienced a transformation starting with its name which does justice to its expansive grandeur. While, you are here, explore the cultural hub Centro, featuring many and various galleries. And round off your trip by lounging at the 8th-floor rooftop terrace which has Madrid’s best views on display.

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