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Visiting the oldest university of the English speaking world, is quite an experience. The University of Oxford, has a world class reputation for academic excellence, with internationally renowned tutors who provide high quality teaching. With each step that I took inside the campus, I was more and more in appreciation of the grandeur architecture. I was happy, to be visiting the exclusive sections, that served as a learning platform for famous alumni’s. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Former PM David Cameron, Michael Palin and Bruce Kent are all Oxford students.

A Visit To The Great Oxford University

The students in the colleges of Oxford hail from cosmopolitan backgrounds and schools. No doubt, it’s an incredibly diverse place where bounds students together with passion. As we walked inside, we noticed most students riding bikes. Informally called Oxford, this university is also the world’s 2nd oldest surviving university, with its roots dated back to 1096. Paradoxically, it grew rapidly from 1167, when Henry II supposedly banned English students from attending the University of Paris. I come from an educational background, where I have consistently taught for over 25 years. So yes being a teacher at heart, it was all the more special to be here, and to get an opportunity to visit this campus in person.

The Oxford University’s Several Institutions

The initial colleges of Oxford University commemorated in the 13th century. Thereafter, the University expanded itself to include 38 constituent colleges. All the colleges at Oxford are self-governing institutions and with an independent control structure. Over 9 centuries, Oxford university has been a centre for debate and controversy with respect to Science, religion and arts!

In 1878, Oxford university began to admit women as students, although they were offered degrees post 1920. In 1974, all colleges belonging to Oxford opened their doors to female students. As a matter of fact, the University is home to the largest library system  with over 100 libraries in UK. The Oxford university is a “city university”, which means the colleges, accommodation and other facilities are spread across the city. The University Parks, are a 70-acre parkland area, in the north-East of the city, open to the public during daylight hours.

A Visit to the Brasenose College

Today, we were visiting one of the most popular college of Oxford. BNC or Brasenose, situated at the heart of the city. It is a diverse community, with a strong tradition of scholastic transcendence, and attractively unusual architecture. Moreover, this college is officially known as the King’s hall, and is one of the constituent colleges of the Oxford.

In 1509, a respected Lawyer, Sir Richard Sutton and Bishop of Lincoln William Smyth found the college. This was further formalised in 1512, after a Royal charter created the body of Principal and established the college foundation.

First and foremost, I would like to express gratitude towards architects Powell and Moya, who designed this beautiful building. The name Brasenose, originated from the name of a bronze knocker, that once adorned the hall’s door. In addition, the college is links to Lincoln College through a connecting door. The Brasenose college members, enter Lincoln College through this door, on ascension day each year. 

Needless to say, it’s an absolutely stunning college, with elegant quads and a remarkable chapel. To sum it up, What a lovely experience. I would recommend each one of you to visit the campus while you are in London. 

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