Your Guide to Norway in a Nutshell Trip

Norway is a beautiful country, full of friendly people, majestic sights and it also happens to be the 2nd most expensive country in Europe, after Switzerland. Then again, all Scandinavian countries are amongst the most expensive to travel. The Norway in a nutshell trip will take you through World’s most beautiful fjord scenery. Shifting landscapes, steep vertical cliffs, rushing waterfalls, hanging valleys, and snow-capped mountain peaks. Expect a journey to the popular Flåm Railway, Nærøyfjord cruise and a scenic bus journey. Norway’s greatest claim to landscaped fame, is its lush Sognefjord, the longest at 120 miles, and deepest at more than a mile. Sognefjord offers Norway’s best blend of picturesque wonder and approachability.

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The Norway in a Nutshell Tour

For the best look at fjords, follow the Nutshell’s series of the well-organised train, ferry, and bus connections that put this beautiful country on a scenic platter. Managed by Fjord Tours, the customisable “Norway in a Nutshell”, the trip is offered year round for the spectacular fjord scenery of western Norway. Fjord Tours helps travellers, determine the best stopovers to suit their travel interests. Ambitious travellers can explore the whole locus in a day, although consider an overnight along in Bergen or the fjord. Even if you’re not from the Viking stock, try not to miss the fjords. In 2005, Nærøyfjorden fjord and Nærøydalen Valley were added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Best Time to Visit: July and August

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Price of the Norway in a Nutshell Tour

A Norway in a Nutshell excursion won’t exactly cost you peanuts, but the travel ensures that what you do shell out is totally worth it. The best thing is that the pricing for “Norway in a Nutshell” tickets remains flat year round. Basic round-trip transportation starts at $172 from Bergen (via Myrdal), or $370 from Oslo (via Bergen). Make your train reservations at least a week in advance. You could also book a package tour of Fjord Tours for about the same price. Bookings can be made online, however, Tickets are also available at the Voss station. Grab some food and drinks at Aegir, a rustic, Viking-style brewery sporting dragon heads and a huge fireplace. 

  1. Ticket Type Ticket Tariff
  2. Adults NOK 840 per person
  3. Children 4-15 NOK 420 per person
  4. Flam Railway (Flam and Myrdal) $71 
  5. Bike rental for the day runs about $93. 
  6. Bergen – Voss train: 194 NOK ($25 USD)
  7. Voss – Gudvangen bus: 100 NOK ($13 USD)
  8. Gudvangen to Flam ferry: 305 NOK ($40 USD)
  9. Flam – Myrdal – Oslo train: 569 NOK ($74 USD)
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