Learn Norwegian Before You Land in Norway

Norway is a vast country famous for Nordlysfestivalen (Northern Lights), Midnight Sun, and phenomenal-landscapes drawn by nature. But, one can truly enjoy their stay here by indulging in local cultural activities. We were keen on learning a few Norweigan phrases before visiting Norway for the first time. (Just in case we got stuck somewhere) Not that we did because most people spoke English in the cities or towns we visited. Yet learning a few phrases helped us reach locals, who appear more welcoming if you try to speak their language.

Oslo Diablo

Home to several International Music festivals and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Norway sees millions of tourists every year. And, in that summer crowd, you will meet several Norwegians who will drop the local cues. Like we learned about the Norwegian Wood in Oslo which, is a 3-day open-air ‘June’ rock festival, hosted at Oslo’s Frognerparken. Showcasing local bands and renowned international artists, amidst hundreds of sculptures, we bet this rock concert inspires social change. Coming back to the basic phrases, here’s a rundown of short dialogues which will instantly help break the ice with strangers.

With Navy officers in Bergen

To say Hi  –  Hei 

Thank you – Takk

My Name is – Jeg Heter or Mitt Navn Er

To say welcome, say Velkommen

How are you? Hvordan Har Du Det

Good Morning – God Morgen

Say Good Night – God Natt

To say Yes, just say Ja (and for No – say Nei)

Likewise, Sorry would be Beklager (Help and Stop sound just the same)

Common Shopping question: How much is this? Hva Koster Denne?

Last but not the least, to say Cheers, say Skal and to wish someone good luck, utter Lykke Til. While we were here, we also found out that Norway is a founding member of NATO and the UN. Which, underlines the fact that the official Kingdom of Norway yearns for a peaceful and war-free zone. This sovereign monarchy has been creating milestone ever since its constitution in the eighteenth century. A country that chose to stay neutral during the World Wars, and the nation that’s listed as World’s happiest by the index of lifestyle and living circumstances.

We loved every second of our time in Norway and for every reader who’s contemplating a visit must take the plunge now. Ha, Det (Bye in Norwegian, and yes, we saved this for the last) Happy Travelling! 

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