Ni Hao, a Culinary Cultural Trip to China

From Italy, Australia, America, to Indonesia, there’s a “Ni Hao” (restaurant) in almost every country I know. Ironically, Ni Hao, in Indore, by Radisson Blu will make you nostalgic if you have ever visited the Asian turf.

Ni Hao Chinese Kettles

Revealing serene Buddha statues, ambrosial cuisine, and elegantly styled interiors, both these Chinese restaurants stand out explicitly with their ever relaxing Oriental vibe. Radisson’s Ni Hao, seems welcoming enough, with its snuggly ‘deep-coloured’ wall of Chinese kettles at the entrance, along with, customary Chinese drums.

Ni Hao Chinese Drums

All that, leading to a bijou indoor eatery, accompanied by a sizeable outdoor garden. Needless to say, separated by a translucent glass door, as well as, a ‘LIVE’ musical gig. The enclosed room, in white and gold, portrays the metallic element of the traditional Chinese culture, indicating purity in its best light. (With intimate seating, porcelain tableware, and lavishly elegant aesthetics)

Ni Hao Indoor Restaurant

Experiencing Chinese Culinary Culture

The best way to eat Chinese in “Ni Hao,” the neighbourhood hot-pot specialist, is by devouring the long-menued Cantonese feast.

Ni Hao Outdoor Seating

The expansive sprawl includes some fine choices, like Pan-fried Shanghai Chicken Dimsum, Golden Crispy Cups, Prawn Siumai, Oriental Lamb Dimsum, Wild Mushroom Cream cheese Dimsum, Smoked Salmon Sushi, Cream Cheese Sushi, Hoisin Duck Spring roll, and Crystal Dimsums. The menu’s focus is fundamentally quick-serve-your-own-adventure, format. Above all, the final reason for Ni Hao being so perfect is because you are just steps from dozens of authentic Chinese dishes to sample.

1. Hoisin Duck Spring Roll

These freshly deep-fried, golden crispy spring rolls, were my favourite dish of the night. The crackling sound of the first bite, while, the soft pieces of Peking duck melt in your mouth, is what Hoisin Duck Spring Roll is all about. A great appetiser for a business meeting!

Ni Hao Hoisin Duck Spring Roll

2. Prawn Siu Mai

Siu Mai, the cousin sister of a dumpling, is best enjoyed when it’s authentic Cantonese. Among the most celebrated dumplings at Ni Hao, this beautifully wrapped, Prawn Siu Mai, with delicious dipping sauces takes the front seat with its great flavours.

Ni Hao Prawn Siumai

3. Smoked Salmon Sushi

Smoked Salmon Sushi, are tasty, sophisticated Sushi ‘Nori’ rolls, which use the rich flavour of smoked salmon, instead, of the raw fish. By all means, a great appetiser, for foodies who are scared to try Sushi, yet, deep down want to sample it once.

Ni Hao Smoked Salmon Sushi

4. Asparagus & Cream Cheese Sushi

One of the very best Sushi, at Ni Hao, is the crunchy Asparagus Cream Cheese ‘Hosomaki’ skinny roll. In fact, this very Sushi, extricates bold flavours, like a Philadelphia Roll, slathered in sesame dressing. A very healthy and novice savoury, which tops most Oriental charts with its delicate balance of flavours.

Ni Hao Asparagus & Cream Cheese Sushi

5. Wild Mushroom Cream Cheese Dimsum

Another lovely variation worth trying is the Wild Mushroom Cream Cheese glass Dimsums. Oozing wild mushrooms, truffle oil, and melting gouda cheese, Dimsums certainly can’t get more comforting than this.

Ni Hao Wild Mushroom Cream cheese dimsum

6. Golden Crispy Cups

These miniature Golden Crispy cups are the best finger food, to order, for any social gathering. The crunchy fried tarts are not only, stuffed with incredible fillings of your choice, but also, let out a typical Chinese sweet and sour flavour.

Ni Hao Golden Crispy Cups

7. Black Pepper Prawns

Tossed in oyster-soy-fish sauce and butter, is what highlights the deep dark flavour of this dish. Black Pepper Prawns at Ni Hao, is a delicious buttery shrimp first-course item, enveloped in a gorgeous golden coating and sauteed with exotic vegetables.

Ni Hao Black Pepper Prawns

8. Asparagus Pine nuts Dimsum

Toasted pine nuts with Asparagus certainly make a genius combo for a steaming hot Dimsum. Cooked to perfection, these Dimsums are a food lover’s guide to the land of the red dragon.

Ni Hao Asparagus Pine nuts Dimsum

9. Pan Fried Shanghai Chicken Dimsum

Pan Fried Shanghai Chicken Dimsum is yet another tasty and half-crispy wonton appetiser, glorifying Ni Hao Indore’s menu. Most importantly, this legendary Cantonese Dumpling featured wok-fried coating, paired with a perfectly seasoned filling, in an incredible wrapping.

Ni Hao Pan fried Shanghai Chicken Dimsum

10. Oriental Lamb Dimsum

The Oriental Lamb Dimsum at Ni Hao is unquestionably an irresistible dish worth trying! These traditional buns are freshly steamed and infused with a juicy lamb filling. Certainly, one-of-the-best Dimsum I have tasted so far, in Indore.

Ni Hao Oriental Lamb Dimsums

All in all, a great evening spent in the company of Executive Chef Mukul Jha and Executive Sous Chef Siddharth, learning about the food they love to cook. These Chefs are focused on changing the face of, Oriental cuisine in Indore, while, encouraging locals and guests to indulge in a low-salt healthy meal.

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