Relishing a Royal Thali at Natraj Restaurant in Jaipur

A trip to Jaipur is incomplete, until, you have burped over an elaborate Rajasthani Thali. As much as, it’s fun to singly indulge in vibrant Rajasthani delicacies, a Thali brings everything together in one plate. In Europe, they call it sampling, in India, it’s a Thali while, in Rajasthan, it’s a Royal Thali. A traditional Rajasthani platter features generous proportions of epic gourmet preparations. Which includes regional favourite Daal Bati Churma, served with the wodge of fresh clarified butter. Further laced with a variety of bread, Kachoris, Curries, Veggies, Pickles, Buttermilk, and Besan Barfi. In all honesty, it’s a pleasure to taste a little bit of everything from the best of best.

Natraj Jaipur Menu

Relishing a Royal Thali at Natraj Restaurant, in Jaipur

The royal heritage of Jaipur has certainly led to the evolution of exquisite Rajasthani dishes. Not only, are these savoured by the locals, but also, praised by international foodies. Rajasthan, in particular, seems to be globally famous because of its culinary contributions. In the Pink City of Jaipur, Natraj is one of the oldest restaurants, which will make you drool over the variety of Thalis they serve.

Natraj Interiors

Rajasthan’s rich culture is what inspired Natraj’s foundation, pretty evident as soon as you walk inside that traditionally decorated space with chandeliers and sophisticated seating. The quilted sofa seating, in green and silver, ensures you are comfortable from your first bite until the last. While the warm interiors set the right ambience for you to relish Rajasthan’s exemplary culinary styles.

Rajasthani Thali Jaipur

The Royal Thali at Natraj is priced at INR 520+ Taxes and includes a delectable arrangement of dishes. When the attendant arrives to take your order, he will ask you for your preference with certain dishes. For instance, you can choose between Paneer Masala or Kadhai. Likewise, you may select between Stuffed Tomato, Veg Korma, Kadi Pakora and Dal Makhani. Furthermore, your platter also includes a variety of bread, Dahi Vada, Veg Pulao rice preparation, and 1 Rasmalai for dessert.

All in all, Natraj is an easily accessible restaurant, which will instantly give you the taste of Regal Rajasthan.

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