Second National Peace Convention at Dimapur, Nagaland

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The first National Peace Convention was held in Indore on 30th, 31st Jan and 01st Feb of 2015. All with an intention to create awareness amongst students, families, and society. In addition, this year on same dates 30th, 31st Jan and 01st Feb 2016 2nd Peace Convention is organised at Dimapur in Nagaland. Nagaland, situated at the extreme north east, is commonly addressed as the Darling of the North east. Moreover, Nagaland is a home to 16 tribes, and many sub-tribes, spreading over 11 districts. As a matter of fact, these tribes and sub-tribes are distinct from the people of other states, as well as with each other in many regards. Per-say, customs, culture, clothing, communication, religion, rituals etc

Second National Peace Convention

Not to mention, despite having promised freedom to the people of Nagaland, Britishers left them aside offering freedom to Burma. After all, people from Nagaland are yet to recover from scars due to suppression, riots, and internal wars. Not to forget, the senior generation of Nagaland has witnessed rivers of blood and tears. Furthermore, Some leaders working hard for development of Nagaland were present at the convention to express their views. Also, because they want to communicate through the voices of attendees. Additionally, eyebrows raised, yet patiently they along with their young generation listened to speakers.

Notable Speakers at National Peace Convention

Mr. C. Apokjamir, Shri Tushar Gandhi great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Paul Mesquita, Shri Niketu Iraly, Shri P.V Rajagopal, Miss Anuradha Shankar (IPS ADGP Railways MP), Mr. Ashok Mahajan and Dr. C.P were the notable speakers of the event. In summary, the leaders from Nagaland were overwhelmed by the unconditional support. Their emotional outburst was heartwarming. In essence, Speakers chose to remember genuine people like King Martin Luther, Mahatma Gandhi and more who sacrificed their life to bring about peace. Similarly, this convention focused on peace, and to learn to create harmony and peace amongst ourselves.

Words From Chairman, Rt. Varghese Alengaden

In the final analysis, Varghese said that Peace can only be attained, once we learn to nurture our own heart and mind. Only then, can we work towards reconciliation and forgiveness towards others. The more the darkness, the greater the need for us to be the light! Varghese Alengaden, along-with the organising committee conveyed their best wishes to Nagaland, and to everyone who supports brotherhood and equal human rights. Moreover, they wish for the elimination of terrorism, better tourism, employment opportunities, and more revenue for the state.

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