My Envy Box for a Happy Soul and Mind

My Envy Box has revolutionised, the way I sample beauty products. Most often, accessibility of an international product is a huge challenge, in India. Therefore, MEB has helped me explore new avenues in the world of glam, by letting me sample products that are not easily available in the market. More so, these products have worked wonders for my overall well-being, hence, the brand loyalty. Years after years, I have continued to purchase the monthly subscription of My Envy Box and never have I been disappointed.

I am an emotional shopper, and My Envy Box offers more sophisticated products than others. The sponsored products for the month, make everyone happy by letting us have whats best for us. The luxury box features, two samples, one medium-cost, and two high-end products each month. Most importantly, you will love them as a surprise! Let’s agree, it’s a struggle to know about all new beauty launches, exactly where beauty boxes come handy.

Indulge in Self-Care with My Envy Box

Self-care is important for healthier mind, body, and soul. Each one of us should set aside time, to eat healthier, be mindful, workout, and adapt right lifestyle choices, to positively impact our lives. When discussing lifestyle choices and products, ultimately, it all comes down to the product quality.

The quality of the product creates an experience, which eventually decides the influence of the brand. My Envy Box has successfully established their niche with a lifestyle-oriented community. My best collector items from MEB Luxury box, include branded earrings, glam lipsticks, mascaras, blush, concealer, nail polish, eye-shadow and so much more.

Subscription to this luxury box is nothing, but self-love. In due course, this self-love will transform you into a happy, radiant person you can’t imagine. I have been subscribing to these boxes, ever since MEB began their journey. Not only, am I a happy customer, but I also love their thoughtfulness and promptness. Here, let’s have a look at some of the boxes I have reviewed.

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