Mumbai, a city that never sleeps!

Mumbai is a city of rejoicing, absolutely worth visiting, once in a lifetime! It is bound by graminaceous hills, beaches and a cosmopolitan culture that unites dreamers, achievers, artists, and anglers in a mystified way. From Bombay to Mumbai, the name changed, but not the eternal spirit of this city.

Moreover, this financial powerhouse is home to the largest tropical forest and the most glamorous Bollywood in the country. During monsoons, the wide skylines get drenched by the beautiful raindrops, best enjoyed with a cutting chai, Vada Pav/Dabeli and your favourite music.

Mumbai is a city that never stops

In Mumbai, you can never really stop having fun! This dream city knows, how to balance work life and social lifestyle because you never run out of options. There are nightclubs and restaurants that serve food all night, if not, there are local hacks such as Bhurji Pav wala or the food options near railway stations.

Either way, Mumbaikars never stress about how to get back home at wee hours. At all hours, Mumbai features foremost transport facilities like trains, taxis, buses and rickshaws. For that reason, dreams come true in Mumbai, because you can get anything at any hour of the day.

In fact, another reason why Mumbai doesn’t sleep at night is that its radiant nightlife and street lighting. Mumbai is always shining bright, especially around hotspots, like Gateway of India, Marine Drive, and Bandra.

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Take a day trip to uncover the hidden gems

Explore this stunning blend of hills and coastline, featuring colonial-era architecture, Unesco World Heritage Sites, unique shopping streets, hidden temples, and the premier nightlife. Everything from gastronomy charades, travel, embracing raindrops, to people, will make you fall in love with the city.

Although, sometimes the incandescent energy of the city can intimidate you! Nevertheless, with the right attitude, you can easily conquer the hearts of ever-helpful Mumbaikars. 

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6 thoughts on “Mumbai, a city that never sleeps!

  1. Beautiful pictures support your thoughts about Mumbai city. It is the safest metropolitan city of India. So even the girls can roam about in the streets at night if not in all streets, at least in South Mumbai.

  2. Nice perspective about Mumbai. So far I heard about crowded local trains, pot holed roads in monsoon season, and flood. Ofcourse, I would love to see clouds coming in on a monsoon day from my 25th floor window with enough eatables stocked in my fridge. Just in case I cannot get out for a week.

    1. Thanks, Abhiray! I would say, instead of enjoying from a higher floor, you must head out for a drive and stop by, for a chai/coffee/bournvita and the steaming hot Vada Pav’s at one of the local stalls to feel the real spirit of this city 🙂 (The drainage system of Mumbai, is pretty decent as compared to other cities, and the flooding news is all hyped by media) Mumbai never stops, in fact, it keeps you alive, no matter what the circumstances be…

  3. having stayed in Mumbai for a less than a year, I have a different perspective. Unfortunately, most Mumbaikers are too engrossed in their routine life to enjoy things beyond the usual. work and commute leave little time. Anyways, nice perspective and great post, Veidehi!

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