Mumbai Food: Take a Gastronomy Journey to these Unique Places

The unstoppable Mumbai, is the ideal commercial capital of India, leading the way for 17 million people every day. Thousands visit this land, rummaging around for fame, love, and money. So where, and what do they eat, while they are on a mission to explore this sparkling city? From cutting chai to high-end luxurious cafes, from street food to Michelin Star restaurants, Mumbai caters to all sorts of food demands. Above all, Mumbai food symbolises, a forlong history, and passion for cooking worth exploring!

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Mumbai Food, Explore the Gastronomy Heaven

The only city in India, where you can taste the mouth-watering vada pav, Paav Bhaji, Burji Pav, Pani Puri, seafood, continental cuisine and the World’s most guilt-free desserts like the fresh fruit with cream. If Mumbai were a person, they’d surely be a foodie! No matter, what time of the day, you can never go empty stomach in Mumbai, with the varied food options. 

Mumbai Cuisine
Mumbai Cuisine & Beverages

In this section, I would like to cover some exquisite, happening places in the city, which are popular for their great food and service. Here’s a rundown of some great places and cuisines worth exploring!

Coffee, Tea & Cuisine

In Mumbai, you will find something for each budget. For instance, you can either spend INR 5 to get yourself a cutting chai, or INR 200 for a coffee at CCD, Costa, Bru, INR 300 for a coffee at Starbucks and if you really like it fancy, then coffee at a 5-star hotel for INR 450. Likewise, the food varies from Malvan, seafood specialities to a variety of continental dishes. Staple street food in Mumbai costs between INR 10 – INR 100 per person, seafood Thali from INR 100 – 250 and fancy restaurants can go up to INR 1000 – 3000 per person.

Although some places go beyond the traditional servings and present innovative decor and environment for you to cherish. These places offer experiences, moments and a creative menu ready to please your taste buds.

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