The Fløibanen Funicular Journey to Mount Floyen

Mount Floyen Bergen View

Taking The Floibanen Funicular Tram to Mount Floyen, was our best decision ever! Where else could you yield to, the pleasure of sighting the entire Bergen, right? As thrilled as we were to travel this one-of-a-kind Floyen Funicular, we figured there was no better way to explore Mount Fløibanent than this enchanting transporter. And, we are talking 400 meters above ground level, in under 10 minutes. We booked our tickets in advance and bought ourselves an hour or two of visit time. When we arrived, we had to queue up with other tourists (mostly Asians) before we could get to the station stop.

Bergen Funicular Tram

The Funicular Train was arriving in 15-minutes, so, in the meanwhile, we walked through the narrow lobby observing a brief layout of artwork. Soon after, we were near the Vetrlidsallmenningen tracks, from where we could see the Funicular Tram arriving from a distance. From between the rabbling heads of tourists, wanting to grab the best seats, we could sight a dark-blue train making its way to the small station.

Floibanen Bergen Ride

We were lucky to get the first seat; as that revealed to us the magnanimous beauty of Bergen, branching out an archipelago of luxe yacht culture.

The Fløibanen Funicular Journey

Floibanen Bergen4

The train journey lasted for 15-minutes, which took us above Mount Fløyen featuring the most iconic views of Bergen City. Upon reaching the mountaintop, we were delighted to step into the open space of Fløyfjellet, thriving with remarkable views, Troll statues, and wooden complexes. Looking over Bergen City Centre, Fløyfjellet has been serving tourists since its inception in 1918. We learned from a local that, the name Fløyfjellet gets its inspiration from the Fløystangen weathercock, which was set up to signal sailing Ships. 


The other way to reach here is to trek through the marked nature trails. If you are planning to trek it up, then you must get the maps from the information centre. Both the information centre and the station arrival is close to the Bryggen Wharf. Two Funicular Cars simultaneously run on the Vetrlidsallmenningen tracks seating up to 80 people at one time, allowing 160 tourists to submerge in the bewildering beauty of Bergen. 

Floibanen Bergen12

Fløistuen and Fløien Folkerestaurant

Mount Floyen is love on top, outstretching its shadow to the deep-water horizons, casting a tranquil-ripple of the parked boats. On this very day, skies were sweeping, dark shades of grey against the white ‘mammoth cloud’ sky canvas. Before we knew it began to pour, which, in the first place led us to Fløistuen, the on-site shopping store. 

Fløien Folkerestaurant

Breezy weather and souvenirs, we bought from Fløistuen, left us for heavenly abode. We had an hour to explore Mount Floyen, so we walked around the Fløien Folkerestaurant and the bike rental facility. 

Floibanen Bergen

Coming back, to photo point the next few minutes were spent filming the stunning vistas. The natural scenery extends to Mount Sandviken, Brushytten, Blaamanen, and Ulriken with expansive views and history. Also, we noticed few people visiting in wheelchairs, which we think is a great initiative, by the facility to empower the disabled travel. Mount Floyen, left us spellbound with its phenomenal, picture and we believe it will do the same to you.

Bergen Cityscape

Get here as early as 11 AM and take the ride of your life to one of Norway’s most-hiked spot. The Fløibanen funicular departs every 15-minutes, wherein, the tickets cost as low as, NOK 90 (INR 760) for an adult. Those using Bergen card may avail one free round-trip to this destination.

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