Reviewing Miss Pink Sheer Blush by Vert

Vert Pink Sheer Blush

Priced at INR 1295, for 10 Gms, Miss Pink, is a translucent sheer blush, with a radiant silky finish by Vert. In all honesty, Vert is a fantastic Vegan brand, using the finest and freshest natural ingredients, at all times. What I love about the brand is that quality means everything to them. Which is a temptation alarm for me to want to try all their products? As for this stunning bronze-pink blush, I’m reviewing today, the product is as good as applying rose petal extract on your face. Gently buff the fragile pearl and rose petals pigments on your cheeks, to get that gorgeous scarlet of colours. Not only, does it make you look chic, but also, makes your face glow.

Vert Miss Pink Sheer Blush

Vert Expert Tip, “To set your makeup, brush on evenly, outwards from the nose.”

My makeup preferences are strictly restricted to natural organic products. Therefore, it’s important to contemplate the essential purity of the therapeutic ingredients. By good fortune, Vert uses freshly sourced herbs, spices, exotic roots, and divine oils to make each one of their products indulgent. Every time you use products by Vert, you will feel the richness of its ingredients, in its most raw form. Miss Pink Sheer Blush being no exception!

Miss Pink Sheer Blush

Miss Pink Sheer Blush Ingredients

French Clay is one of the most popular detoxifying skin care ingredients, which is also known as sea clay. It is a unique blend of minerals, therefore, considered very good for skin.

Jojoba Oil Pigments moisturise skin and promote overall skin health with its Vitamin E and Vitamin B Complex component.

Ferric Oxide is a medicinal formula to protect the skin against damage and other conditions. Also known as iron, FO is primarily a colouring agent in the cosmetics industry.

5 Reasons to Buy Vert Miss Pink Sheer Blush

1. Vert uses Natural Ingredients to create all their products, which is why they feel good to skin.

2. The Miss Pink sheer blush offers a stunning Radiance and after look.

3. Miss Pink Sheer Blush, is chemical-free and does not burden your skin, with unnecessary compounds. Which, allows the product to reach its effectiveness, with its self-preserved formulation.

4. This Blush is cruelty-free and was not tested on any animal.

5. Most importantly, Vert does not use Parabens and Sulphates as preservatives to increase the shelf life of their products. Instead, they ensure skin care at its natural best.

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