The Spectacular MayBach Strolly by VIP Bags

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The new MayBach 360° Strolly by VIP Bags is a top of the line luggage for business travellers. The subtle elements and contrast-shading highlight the exteriors of the MayBach strolly, although the interiors are significantly more entrancing. This dazzling MayBach strolly exhibits a built-in removable suitor’s kit alongside a toiletries pouch. So in the event, where you are stressed over wrinkling that expensive tailored suit, I suggest you let the suitor’s kit handle it. The bag’s packing flexibility is remarkable! Truth be told, if you like to keep your garments fit as a fiddle, then this travel bag should be your next pick.

MayBach 360° Strolly by VIP Bags

MayBach Strolly is a premium travel bag, that can hold a great deal and permit comforts worth a thousand miles! This up-market luggage by VIP is available in a shade of paragon Champagne and intense Chocolate. The strolly features premium polycarbonate hard case, luxurious interiors, 4 wheels and Fixed TSA Lock. The 4 wheels of MayBach strolly lock into a forward position, which allows easy navigation. The lavish interiors sport a suitor kit’s compartment and a complementary transparent toiletries pouch.

Furthermore, the 4 wheel feature enables the luggage to stand vertically, so that it expends less floor space. This works brilliantly, when you have to sit tight in a line for extended periods. VIP Bags is excited about changing the way nomads travel! Therefore, they focus on creating luggage that helps you stay organised and save time. Above all, you can’t ignore the touch of loftiness that VIP bags has added to the new MayBach strolly. 

The Chocolate Colour MayBach 360° Strolly 

The rugged hard shell MayBach 360° strolly is both a la mode and commodious. I jump at the chance to consider MayBach Strolly as my Belgium amuse, as it reminds me of chocolate and ochre-hue medieval design. The luggage in the pictures, is the large check-in MayBach strolly from VIP Bags. Although the bag is also available in cabin and medium size luggage.

MayBach Strolly Luggage Dimensions

Small Cabin Luggage (55 cms) – 34.7 X 24 X 55.7
Medium Size Luggage (67 cms) – 44.6 X 28.3 X 66.5
Large Size Luggage (78 cms) – 52.5 X 32 X 76.3

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