How we Wined and Dined at Marriott Indore Kitchen

Indore Marriott Private Dining Area
Marriott Indore Kitchen

Whichever way, Marriott International is famous for spoiling its guests to the best offerings in the world. Therefore, at first, it came as no surprise when we set out to dine at Marriott Indore’s all-day dining restaurant, during our stay. But, on the second look, Marriott Indore Kitchen did appear surprising with the variety of food options, garnished with an authentic Indori Tadka. Indore Kitchen is an exemplary-blend of traditional and contemporary. Even though, dining here meant something different to us!

Indore Marriott Scotch

Indore is a city of extreme weather, and so, we asked our Marriott mixologist Jitu to get us a drink best describing the city. What he brought to the table, was an unexpected piece of good fortune! Goes by the name, “The Untold Story,” this scotch-based drink is nothing short of ambrosia served in a glass with cinnamon and baked citrus. With every sip we took, the smokiest bourbon notes kept slipping down our throats, like a waterfall down the top of a parched mountain.

Indore Marriott Executive Chef Vivek Kalia

The decor and the hanging ‘Mediterranean-style’ cylindrical lights create a fantastic illusion. Momentarily transporting you to Europe, with an exception, of the authentic Indian flavors, rather Indori Tadka. Which is best-served on the lavishly-appointed rotating table, evoking an antiquated nostalgia, of the Holkar Dynasty.

Indore Marriott Lamb Seekh Kebab

What surprised us most, was the indefatigable energy of the Chefs. In a brief conversation with the Executive Chef Vivek Kalia, we learned Marriott is keen on using fresh produce for most dishes they cook. As a matter of fact, Marriott GM Devesh Rawat organizes frequent farm trips for chefs to ensure exceptional food-quality. The personal touch and concern make all the difference! We thought to ourselves. 

Indore Marriott Lamb Parda Biryani

We were smashed, by the Paya soup, Rajwadi Lamb Seekh Kebab, and the time-honored Parda Biryani. So much so, that we decided to come back to Indore Kitchen for dinner later that night. The dishes we loved in particular, are the lip-smacking Nigri Sushi platter, Jumbo Prawns, Rack of Lamb, and the parchment paper Baked Fish.

Indore Marriott Rack of Lamb

Marriott Indore desserts took us by storm by turning it in a “Pour some sugar on me” moment. From Shahi Rasmalai garnished with rose petals; to the Signature Chef Chocolate potpourri, it was all too fantastic to describe in words.

Indore Marriott Shahi Dessert

The Chefs nailed the culinary transition, by steaming the train of treats, starting with the Indian sweet course and ending it at the station of a contemporary-panache.

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