Marble Arch has Bhopal’s Best Views on Display

Marble Arch
Marble Arch, Noor-Us-Sabah Palace, Bhopal

On a recent visit to Bhopal, my stay at ‘WelcomHeritage Noor-Us-Sabah Palace’ made it possible for me to explore, the serene beauty of its lake view restaurant. While, “Noor-Us-Sabah Palace,” itself is beyond beautiful, “Marble Arch,” is the jewel of its culinary crown. This cosy restaurant is on a hilltop, facing enchanting lake of Bhopal with breathtaking mountainous landscapes.

Marble Arch Interiors

Done up in the hues of red and gold, this lovely cafe-restaurant will take you back to a bygone era when courtyard dining was the preferred lifestyle.

Marble Arch, has Bhopal’s Best Views on Display

Marble Arch Lakeview Bhopal

So far, of all the restaurants I have dined at in Bhopal, Marble Arch, stands out to be my favourite. Mostly, for the pleasure of dining amid the intense scenic beauty and historical Arched architecture. Even though, it’s the royal ambience with an impressive breakfast menu, is what makes this restaurant a perfect place to kick-start your day.

Marble Arch Outddor View

From lip-smacking fish fingers, a variety of bread, continental dishes, to regional delicacy Nalli Nihari, the entire breakfast experience at Marble Arch is deliciously seamless.

Marble Arch Breakfast
Marble Arch Breakfast on First Day

On my first day, I sat inside to devour the lavish interiors of Marble Arch decorated with priceless antiques. Starting from the 18th-century Mughal guns, which narrate conquests through the centuries, or Mughal ceramic vase embellished with designs in gold, regal dining takes a whole different meaning here. Or perhaps, it’s just that Royalty in the air!

Marble Arch Ceramic Vase

Outdoor Dining at Marble Arch

On the second day, I couldn’t resist chomping on my heavenly favourites, by the poolside. Almost like, invading a gastronomic journey, which was just as special, as the location of the restaurant.

Marble Arch Krazybutterfly

As much as, the royal artefacts carry you to a different era, it’s the open-air space which puts up a magical show at 7 AM, curated purely by nature.

Breakfast Marble Arch
Breakfast at Marble Arch on the Second Day

Nature’s theatre opens up to birds in transit, flocking together as performing a dance for their viewers. Besides, as the summer turns to gold, let the cool morning breeze play itself, for you to unwind in the luxury of the outdoors.

Scenic Beauty Marble Arch

To Reach Marble Arch, you can take either of the multiple carved wooden doors. For behind that colourful stained glass, there is a world of open-air Nawabi diner waiting for you. The one which has already made its mark for offering an exemplary experience like no other.

Marble Arch Chef Statue

Bathing in spectacular shades of sunlight, this open-air cafe of Bhopal, is your ideal escape to unwind. Breezy in the mornings and warm lit in the evenings, Marble Arch is certainly worth every penny you spend here.

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