The Top Secret Mysteries of Mount Kailash Parbat

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Mount Kailash is a peak of grace, that stands tall in the Kailash Range! This sacred summit is the source of the 4 longest rivers in Asia, namely Sutlej, Indus, Karnali and the great Brahmaputra. Likewise, Kailash Parbat is also the source of unknown mysticism, secrets and mysteries that science can’t answer. In reality, the Mountain’s Tibetan name is ‘Gangs Rin-po-che’, meaning the precious jewel of snow. As a matter of fact, bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’ owes its fame to Drukpa Thuksey Rinpoche. Other than that, this radio active zone is known as the gateway to heaven! The whole area is abuzz with legendary stories and mysterious sightings.

Is Kailash Parbat a Mountain or a Man Made Pyramid

Religion aside, Mount Kailash is the axis mundi of Earth that has technically provided us with the sense of cardinal direction. Scientifically, Kailash Parbat is aligned with Earth’s magnetic fields and its axis of rotation and its 4 sides represent North, East, South, West respectively. In fact, the schematic map of the city of the Gods resemble the spatial structure of DNA molecules. Scientists believe that this summit is a giant man made Pyramid from ancient times related to life on Earth. If that is to be believed, then Kailash Parbat is the largest known pyramid today. Legends say that Kailash Parbat was constructed using the powerful forces of the 5 essential elements that is air, earth, water, wind and fire.

The Stone Mirrors at Kailash are the Greatest Mystery to Science

The unique stone mirrors at Mount Kailash have a smooth surface and the ability to shrink and spread. The largest mirror stands 1800 meter tall and flat slopes the northern and western sides of the Kailash. Scientists suggest that large planes like these can transfer energy stored in the pyramids to other energy forces in the universe. In fact, one of the stone structure (800m) is called the “Stone Palace of Happiness”, which is known as the place of transition to other parallel worlds.

The Mysterious UFO Sightings at the Mansarovar Lake

Lake Manasarovar is a miraculous and sacred freshwater lake near Kailash Parbat. As per Legends, a great Tibetan monk saw the letters “Aha”, ” Kha”, ” Mha” in this lake, which helped them locate the current Dalia Lama. Many had experienced the magic of this lake, in the past by spotting mysterious lights in the sky early morning.

Natives have confirmed the presence of UFO’s and the governments have neither confirmed nor dismissed the news. In addition, mountaineers, trekkers and researchers suggest that there could be a secret UFO base in this area. Natives confirm the theory, as they have observed many unidentified flying objects plummeting into the hills and lakes. Well either these are advanced drones placed by the armies or something far more advanced for all of us to give a thought!

Then again, the spiritualism calls for another theory that Yogi’s relay. They think of these orbs (glowing lights) as the spiritual embodiments of immortal yogis that devoted their life to Shiva. Some also think of these lights as money making gimmicks by locals. Well! Whatever it is, I think we can only tell by our experiences, because energy never lies! You want to know who you are, head to the axis of the Earth!

The Unclimbable and Unconquerable Mount Kailash Parbat

Kailash Parbat is at an exact 6666 kms from Stonehenge, and enables rapid aging for visitors. In other words, you can expect your nails and hair to grow real fast. By that I mean, expect a 2 week growth of 12 hours! Thereupon, countless expeditions have failed to climb its peak, as Kailash Parbat changes the track positions in the opposite direction. Strangely changing the target for those wanting to climb it, unbelievable isn’t it? Whether you call it ‘Mahima’ or the power of the ET’s, Kailash Parbat is truly an unclimbable and unconquerable summit! By all means, it sounds like the Gateway to an undiscovered world!

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  2. Thank you Alok 🙂 Make My Trip had some wonderful packages for Mansarovar in the past, do check their website for a suitable itinerary..Also, do visit Rakshas Tal during your’s a crescent shaped lake with multiple legendary stories 🙂

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