Experience Maharashtra in Maratha style

You will have to travel deep into, Maharashtra’s countryside, to experience its expansive canvas and iconic attractions. This wealthiest state was once ruled, by the Marathas and is now, the commercial capital of modern India. Although, what makes it the 2nd-most populous Indian territory, is its cosmopolitan cities. Even though, there is so much more to explore in Maharashtra, beyond its city culture. From national parks, exemplary caves, palm-fringed sandy beaches, world heritage sites, colonial-era hill stations to lush-green vineyards and valleys, the list is endless.

Maharashtra colonial-era hill stations to lush-green vineyards

A typical Maharashtrian stands apart from the way they dress. The men usually wear a dhoti-kurta, Pheta topi, and Bandi waistcoat. While women beautifully dress up in Nauwari saree-blouse, with minimal gold jewellery, and traditional chappals. But that’s typically about the countryside, as and when you get closer to the cities, you will experience a culture shock. For instance, Mumbai is both the Big Apple of India, as well as, the fashion capital. Yet, all through Maharashtra, the traditional culture emerges throughout the Maharashtrian festivities.

Maharashtra Scenery

Experience Maharashtra in Maratha style

Without a doubt, Maharashtra, is the most-industrialised state, of India and Mumbai (formerly Bombay), has been its capital, ever since, its inception. Despite being bordered by 7 states and the Arabian Sea, it’s Mumbai, which predominantly influences Maharashtra’s culture. In this urbanised Indian state, you will find beautiful Godavari, Narmada, Tapti, and Krishna rivers. Present since Mughal, Kadambas, Satavahana, Rashtrakuta, and Maratha dynasty, riverbeds of this region scream boundless medieval stories. Followed by, the magnificent forts, world heritage sites, ruins, and religious places dotted around the state.

Maharashtra Popular Attractions

To experience Maharashtra, the Maratha style, you must take a trip to Fort Torna, Shivaji’s first conquest at the age of 16. Following, the Forts of Raigad, Sinhagad, Shivneri, Vijaydurg, and Rajgad. Each of one these forts is a feather in the crown of Shivaji’s ballistic victories. Wherein, to experience the Maharashtrian culture, learn a few words of Marathi, indulge in local cuisine, and savour the utmost 15th-century heritage. Should Royal treatment be your priority, here’s where you should try dining, staying and raving-up in Mumbai.

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