Luxury Travel and Saving Money Hand in Hand

Travelling in luxury and style is every person’s dream. However, a lot of people think that you need to spend a fortune to experience the best of your vacation. That is not true! There are many ways through which you can actually have the best holiday experience of your life and that too without compromising on style and money. Let’s focus on usual travel expenses and see where we can make a difference:-

Flight tickets

Flights are the basic expense in planning a vacation. But, most of us fear about hefty ticket prices. However, there are some lucky people on earth who amass tons of points and miles so that they can travel luxury in the sky. Flying in style and opulence is a vacation in its own. You should be smart enough to know which card to use for which purpose. It only takes some awareness and planning. Many people prefer to explore numerous destinations with few points, while some like to use it one go. It is completely a personal choice. Alternatively, if you don’t own a credit card that offers travel points, you can plan your travel during the off-season. Many airlines offer good discounts on first class tickets during the off-season.


Some prestigious hotels offer free stay for a certain amount of points. If you are unable to crack a deal on a hotel, look for other complimentary services. Some hotels offer free airport pick and drop facility if you book with them. You can also check with your hotel if there is a provision of complimentary limousine service or you can also get yourself a card that has partnered with restaurants, clubs and lounges worldwide to get good discounts on food and drinks. So, with careful planning and a little smartness can take you places. You can fly anywhere in the world without ripping your pockets.


There is nothing wrong in being adventurous on your trip. After all, it is your way of spending the holidays. Many travellers don’t indulge in activities because it may incur huge costs. Don’t worry! You can still get all the fun and enjoyment by looking for cheap or free things to do in a new country. There a lot of ways through which you can get cheap or free stuff. Try checking on social media or if you have a friend working in the service industry or look for coupon sites and last but not the least, see if your cards can earn you free tickets or discounts to events or festivals. You can also ask the hotel concierge for discount coupons for entertainment. You just need to think out of the box to make things work for you.

Things to Take Care When You Travel Abroad

When planning a vacation, you should be thinking about all the financial aspects of the trip. This is primarily because you may want to have different cards for different purposes. Here are a few things that you can look at before you leave your house:-

  • Take a minimum of two cards with different payment networks like Visa and Mastercard. Both the payment networks are accepted worldwide in comparison to an Amex. Also, in case one of the cards doesn’t work, you can use the other. You won’t get stranded in a new country.

  • Look for cards with that has no exchange fee charge; else you would have to pay a lot extra even for small value items.

  • Don’t forget your debit card at home thinking, you might not use it. Debit cards help in cash withdrawals, which you don’t want to do on your credit card. But, make sure you have enough money in your account and your bank has a global ATM network.

  • Let your banks know about your travel plans. Though in today’s time it is not necessary, yet it won’t hurt to be a little proactive.

  • Carry copies of all your documents including card information, just in case anything goes wrong.

  • Don’t forget to buy travel insurance, but travel credit card holders do not need to worry about this because most all travel cards come with travel insurance.

  • Make all your payments before you leave to avoid any embarrassment later, especially if you are planning a long trip. And, in case you have forgotten, don’t fret! Make your bill payment online sitting anywhere in the world by your credit card.

  • Make all your purchases with a credit card, rather than using a debit card. Using a debit card may incur a foreign exchange fee. However with, with no currency conversion cards, you don’t have to worry about it.

Bottom line

It is all about planning and knowledge. If you have both of these things in place, nothing in the world can stop you from having an enjoyable vacation.

This article is a Guest Post submission by Shipra Aggarwal from Mudranomy

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