Reviewing L’occitane Rose Et Reines Shower Gel

L’occitane Rose Et Reines Shower Gel, is a walk, through Rose Garden. If you want to smell like a Rose, then this is your go-to product. Not only, does this remarkable shower gel contains aromatherapeutic properties of roses but also, feels silky smooth on the skin. Moreover, Rose base, L’occitane Et Reines’ fragrance is not the overwhelming kind. Instead, it has a subtle elegance, which lingers around for hours.

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Roses from Bulgaria, Grasse, Morocco, and Turkey

L’occitane is a premium brand, offering high-quality products to its customers. Et Reines Shower Gel, priced at INR 1600 for a 250 ML bottle is no exception. As a matter of fact, Rose Et Reines features rose extracts from Bulgaria, Grasse, Morocco, and Turkey alongside, a distinctive fragment from France. That’s not it! The very foundation, of this shower gel, is built on a traditional method of extraction. The Rose extract used in the shower gel is procured, through enfleurage, an old school method. Enfleurage requires immersion of fresh rose petals, in oil, for it to further saturate in a natural floral scent. 

This method of extraction is almost not done anymore because it demands extensive pressing of Rose petals, into Oil to extract the aroma. By all means, it’s the most effective method of obtaining plant matter. Steam distillation, on the other hand, passes steam through the flower, capturing the essential oil floating on the surface.

L’occitane Rose Et Reines

Jump start your shower, with this rich shower gel, infused with natural extracts and rose water. I personally love this product because it smells good and nourishes my skin texture, making it super soft. Et Reines has become my routine shower gel, although, every once in a while, I also like to experiment with other fragrances. The 250 ML bottle of the bath gel lasts for about 2 months. For that reason, shower gels are any day better than soaps. You don’t waste what you don’t use. Nonetheless, all in all, Roses Et Reines is a silky shower gel worth buying and using time and time again. Notice your skin turn velvety soft after you continuously use the product for some time. All this, while, you are enveloped in a floral aroma of different types of roses.

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