Jibhi, an Untouched Weekend Getaway from Delhi

A secluded gem in the Tirthan/ Banjar Valley

Jibhi is a secluded gem in the Tirthan/ Banjar Valley of the Great Himalayan National Park, about 40 km from Aut. A serene picturesque location in Himachal Pradesh which usually goes unnoticed because of the newly constructed tunnel which guides people to Kullu and Manali. Making Jibhi a perfect weekend or extended weekend getaway for Wravelers looking to stay away from hustle bustle of overcrowded tourist destinations.

The mountains surrounding Jibhi are lush with pine and cedar forests and it is also just one hour away from the highway connecting Manali and Chandigarh. A short drive from picturesque Jalori Pass, this is a good base for hiking, birding, relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Why is Jibhi a must-visit destination for travellers?

Not many people have heard about this location in Himachal Pradesh and this is the reason why people love it so much. Jibhi is situated in Banjar Valley of the Great Himalayan National Park, away from the crowded places of Himachal, it sits beautifully about 45 km from Aut. My first visit to Jibhi was in October 2016, accompanied by a group of friends who themselves loved going to secluded, offbeat places away from the hustle bustle of city life. No network better it is for us.

Jibhi is 500 km from Delhi so it takes almost 12 hours of drive time. Start early morning from NCR and you can expect to reach by evening. If you are short of time then you can reach there by doing an overnight journey. A road trip to Jibhi is one of the best ways to explore this serene place, which can make your weekend joyful like never before. Jibhi is such a place where one can detox its soul. No traffic jams, no blowing of the horn, just nature in its purest form. 

You can easily spend 3 to 4 days here doing just nothing, that’s the charm of this place. For people who would want to spend time doing something even they won’t be disappointed, they can trek one day to Serolsar lake and next day to Cheni fort. Places to visit and activities to do in or near Jibhi:

Serolsar lake:

Trek to Sirolsar lake is about 7 km from Jalori pass. Jalori pass itself is around 12 km from Jibhi and travel time is 45 mins from Jibhi. For people who are into trekking, trek to Sirolsar lake is like a walk in the park. Not too much gradient, just a little stretch of 500 -700mts where it gets a little tough.

Cheni Fort:

Trek to Cheni fort starts from a temple which is about 7 KMs from Jibhi. You need to trek for 45 mins to reach the temple. The views from the temple are scenic and anyone would want to spend some time to just feel the surroundings. Trek to cheni fort which is of 4 km is a little tough than Sirolsar lake.

It includes narrow path and steep gradient, but the best part is its only 4 km. It takes 2 hours to reach Cheni Fort and you are welcomed by an architectural gem.  We were told that earlier it was a 7 storey tall building that acted as a watchtower. It was destroyed when an earthquake hit the Banjar valley several years ago.

(Disclaimer: This is a Guest Post contribution by Manu Khandelwal)

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