Holidaying in Jhira Bagh Palace, Madhya Pradesh

Driving into acres and acres of lush green farmland is quite a feeling especially at a Heritage Resort. Welcome to Jhira Bagh Palace, a tranquil therapeutic Resort, away from city’s hustle bustle. A perfect getaway, featuring remoteness, over 300 peacocks, well-trained staff, and farm-grown meals.

This 18th-century Palace symbolizes an intense brew of imperial legacy, heritage, and a homely feel. The luxurious lifestyle you can experience at this hidden treasure is indescribable.

First Impression of the restored Jhira Baag Palace

This site is a quiet heritage property flaunting grandeur, like that of a palace. At first, the historic Carriage (Baggi) parked at the entrance gives a glimpse of Jhira Bagh’s opulence.

Thereafter, the hospitality, spacious rooms, colonial-era washrooms, organic food, and spectacular scenery wins your heart. It’s a complete package and every attribute equally contributes towards making this place a great retreat.

On this trip with friends, the manager greeted us in the lobby and gave us a small tour of the vast plantations. What we love most about Jhira Bagh, is their professional staff and services. Just right enough to flatter you!

The manager introduced us to the in-house agricultural farmlands and relentlessly spoke about the Royals who lived on this property. Next, we visited the inner courtyard to traverse through the model plan and remodelled interiors of the property.

Following that, every time I walked past the long corridors and prehistoric artifacts, historical reflections seemed to have cast a timeless spell on me. By just means, I could spend days in this Palace to be able to enjoy every bit of its existence.

Stay in the Heritage Style Rooms of Jhira Baag Palace

The heritage hotel of Jhira Bagh exudes a distinctive old-time charm between no-man’s-land. The spacious rooms accommodate sizeable en-suite washrooms with bathtub. The rooms range between INR 16,000 to 25,000 per night for two people.

Each room is ethnically furnished with high-quality wood. Particularly, the Victorian Suite displays decorative features from the British era with large-size wardrobes, coffee table, seating area, work desk, and lounge chairs.

I think the objects worth taking a look inside the room, are the original fireplace and the switchboards from the Victorian era.

We learned that the Palace has tried to retain much of their original items to offer an authentic Royal feel. Back then, these products were rare to source and were shopped by the Royals during their travel. Today, these items have gloriously become antique.

There is additional seating available on the patio. There are not many rooms in this resort, therefore, its best advised to book well in advance.

A Pot-pourri of Bequest, Luxury, and Biotic lifestyle

Located 10 km from Dhar, is this wonderful heritage palace in the middle of extensive meadows. At Jhira Bagh Palace, you can take a dip in the open-air pool facing vast paddock occupied by hundreds of peacocks.

After exploring the greenswards, head to the dining hall to grab a scrumptious meal prepared from local produce. As a matter of fact, Jhira Bagh features an in-house dairy and farmland that grows rice, fruits, and vegetables.

Correspondingly, the resort offers a fixed organic menu, however, the food is deliciously flavorsome. JBP offers complimentary breakfast and personalized meals for the in-house guests. The lunch and dinner are a 5-course meal with appetizers, main course, and desserts.

In addition, I absolutely love the sophisticated table setting and all the pampering in the central courtyard. Additional activities on the site include milking session at the dairy, tractor ride, and table tennis.

Lodge the Timeless Grace

The soulful ambiance, tranquil surroundings, open-air pool, heritage accommodation, proximity to Forts and caves, and many other reasons invite you to stay at Jhira Baag Palace.

In fact, you will get so drawn up into this luxury abode that you will want to stay here forever. This place is not for you if you like the cliche touristy vibe. Not only, is this an ideal retreat to cherish scenic beauty, but also, one-of-the best places to stay near Mandav and Maheshwar.

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