Visit Janapav Kuti, the Mountain of Ancient Ayurvedic Secrets

What an amazing experience! Visiting the 2nd-highest hill station of Malwa plateau on the Mumbai-Agra highway, was something. Janapav Kuti is a gorgeous Mountaintop, located at a distance of 45 km from Indore. Never expected to come across this magical hill station in MP, until a traveller friend insisted on us exploring it for several reasons.

The spectacular beauty of the surrounding lush green forests is absolutely worth experiencing. Moreover, the fresh breeze of air carries with it many fascinating mythological stories. Above all, small conversations with locals (villagers) expand an all new insight into the ancient Ayurvedic history of Janapav.

From Legendary Stories to the Secrets of Ayurveda

Legends have it down as Lord Parashuram’s birthplace, where his father owned an ashram, while his mother planted Ayurvedic herbs. In the recent years, Baba Ramdev has found his inspiration in these magical plantations which develop world-class Ayurvedic products. Interesting, isn’t it? Here’s how you can plan an eventful day trip from Indore city.

6:30 AM: Depart from Indore early morning, to avoid scorching heat and pesky traffic. The best time to travel is between 6:00 to 7:00 AM in the morning.

Follow these important instructions to have a pleasant Janapav trip

  1. Janapav Kuti is situated in a slightly isolated location therefore, it’s best to travel with a group. Driving down or riding your bike is the best way to enjoy the scenic route.

  2. There are no eateries or tea stalls near Janapav. Therefore, it’s best to carry snacks, bottled water, and beverages. Alternatively, you can stop by at a Dhaba on your way to enjoy crunchy Bhajiyas along with a steaming cup of hot tea.

  3. If you are planning to spend a few hours at this site, then carry an umbrella, hat, and a picnic rug.

  4. For those who love trekking and nature hikes, must hire a local guide, as its easy to get lost in the forests.

  5. Wear comfortable sports shoes, because this area demands a lot of natural cardio.

7:45 AM: Once you cross Ahilyapur, you will reach Janapav Kuti Temple, in 5 minutes. This part of Malwa region exhibits acres and acres of farmland until you reach this enchanting destination.

8:00 AM: Start by exploring the Janapav Kuti Hindu Temple, Kund on the hill, and the new Temple under construction.

The Historic Ashram, Temples, and Scenery

To experience the commemoration of the 6th-incarnation of Lord Vishnu, take the road to the top of the hill. The locals pay respect to Lord Parshuram, by organising an annual fair on Parshuram Jayanti each year. The weather in this area is mostly cloudy and enjoyable.

9:00 AM: Proceed to the mountaintop! Keep looking for “Anjali Traders” on the right side of the road. Once you cross the store, take the first left towards Usha Warehouse and Agriculture. (You will notice a guy selling roasted corn right opposite the entrance point)

Thereafter, keep driving until you reach Jai Shiv Cold Store. Take the first right after this store, to infiltrate the beauty of Malwa’s rich forests blooming with numerous plantations and wildlife.

Insider Tips: I have good news for travellers! The forest department of MP has recently made an attempt, to convert Janapav Kuti into a resort-like setting with an overnight stay option. Regardless, of the accommodation, there is no option to get a cooked meal hence it’s best to carry your own.

10:00 AM: There are 2 Temples on this route. At first, you will notice the Bherpav Mandir on your left, then a little ahead is the Parshuram Janmbhoomi Temple.

Additionally, the Parshuram Janmbhoomi on the top of the hill features, a tranquil Kund with healing benefits. As narrated by the locals, this Kund is also the origin of the Chambal River. This place is great to enjoy a serene atmosphere with your family and friends.

The Lost Mythological or Medical Collaboration

While you are here, take the opportunity to visit Parashurama’s father’s ashram in Jamadagni. Renuka Devi, Parashurama’s mother was a well-known Ayurveda practitioner who grew numerous herbs on the hill. Another interesting story, states that Parashuram killed his mother. As the mythology has it, Parashuram’s Mother Renuka Devi got attracted to a prince, therefore, her husband ordered his sons to kill her.

As much as killing a woman is considered a sin in Vedic culture, Parashuram, obeyed his father fearing that refusing the order may result in a curse. He also hoped that his pleased father would offer him a benediction. When Parashuram received the benediction, he brought his Mother and brothers back to life instantly. Parashuram’s father suffered the karmic fate as he eventually got slain by the Prince.

With 12 rivers originating from the hill, one can only imagine the variety of nourishment this region holds. Correspondingly, thousands of Ayurvedic doctors visit this hill annually, in search of healing herbs. In the modern age, when diseases are multiplying in number, Ayurveda is the only hope to revive health. While the doctors and scientists are busy digging the secrets of Ayurveda, why not tour this place to find some of your own.

Return to Indore or Plan Further

2:30 PM: Head back to Indore, or move forward to Maheshwar. The historic city of Maheshwar is located an hour drive from Janapav. It’s a nice place for overnight stay if you intend to explore the Fort and Handloom factory. Else, you can visit the Ahilya Fort, grab lunch, and then return to Indore by late evening.

In Janapav Kuti, click hundreds of pictures, feast on roasted corn, savour the light drizzles, and relax. The highest point of Malwa plateau, is certainly a stunning getaway, for nature lovers. By all means, taking a trip to this mountainous beauty will refresh your soul.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Janapav definitely has a fascinating history and scenic beauty worth admiring! If only, MP Tourism could take an initiative to make this spot more accessible, more and more people could explore this area 🙂 Cheers!

    1. These mountains are magical Dee, they refreshed me instantly 🙂 the fresh breeze, light drizzles, acres of greenery, and the warm conversations with shy villagers made it all the more special…

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