Marriott Bakes Indore’s Longest Pizza for a Noble Cause

Marriott Longest Pizza

While the world’s largest Pizza, is set at 6,330 feet and India’s at 1.9 KM, Indore Marriott dished-out the city’s longest Pizza on 3rd October 2018, measuring up to 77 feet long. Although this wasn’t an ordinary Pizza, it was, in fact, food for the cause! Which involved great efforts from Chef Nicola Costa, who arrived especially from Southern Italy to impart his Italian culinary skills.

Marriott Indore LongestPizza

But, what made them decide on baking the city’s longest Pizza? From a brief conversation with the Chefs, we learned that the whole purpose to drive this initiative was to do something extraordinary for the underprivileged kids. And, what better way to execute it then to make and bake the Pizza, with the children themselves. The whole process of involving the children into learning how to make a Pizza was to educate them on a new cuisine while introducing them to world’s most favorite food form.

Indore Marriott Pizza Toppings

At 5 PM, over 50 trained Chefs, 200+ Marriott staff, many media professionals, and close to 100 children gathered in the outdoor banquet space of Marriott Indore. Marriott Chefs had pre-baked the Pizza base to make the job easier for each one of us. (And yes, it took hours and hours of efforts to bake those many pizza bases) At the count of 10, the Marriott Chefs began to help us out with the tomato sauce, which was to be spread evenly on the Pizza base to make it soft and flavorsome.

Thereafter, we were handed over a variety of veggies to decorate the Pizzas. Lastly, we received massive amounts of mozzarella cheese (and seasonings) which added the last layer of mouth melting deliciousness to the Pizzas. Well, as tempted as we were to sneak-in a quick bite, the million dollar smiles around us allowed us to wait until all the Pizzas were baked and distributed to the children.

Baking Indore's Longest Pizza

Italy celebrates mealtime togetherness every single day, and that was our takeaway from this Pizza making event. Which, allowed us to connect with different people, bake city’s longest Pizza, and at the same time earn good karma by contributing to a cause.

Indore Longest Pizza

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