Indore Marriott Brings in Christmas With a Tree of Wisdom

Story behind the books Indore

A book is a dream you hold in your hands, which is why Indore Marriott chose to welcome December 2018 by building a tree of knowledge. A tree which withholds books which will be gifted to Create Stores NGO on January 01st 2019. A lot of guests and associates contributed to this Nobel event by bringing in marvellous books and by setting an example for everyone to follow.

Indore Marriott Junior Chefs

Well, 2018 couldn’t have ended better! Because with much grace and much beauty, Marriott Indore also organised an event on the side, where plenty of underprivileged and privileged children built tiny Gingerbread houses, under one roof like a pro chef.

Indore Marriott Pastry Chefs

The event kicked off on December 02nd evening as a cluster of children approached the Indore Marriott banquet hall with their parents. To fuel the inevitable excitement, Marriott cordon bleu cooks such as Vivek Kalia, Sikander, Hemanth, and Amandeep Singh left no stone unturned to help the budding junior chefs prepare the best gingerbread houses in town.

Devesh Rawat GM Indore Marriott

Later, two of the best junior chefs had the pleasure to light up the Christmas tree with hotel General Manager, Devesh Rawat, who said, “To make Christmas joyous for kids from various NGOs and different sections of the society, Indore Marriott organises such an event every year to mark the merrymaking and the arrival of Santa Claus.” The twinkling treasure on the tree lit up as soon as, the lighting came to life.

Indore Marriott Christmas Tree

Which, is when we got a close look at the Marriott giveaway tradition wrapped in layers of dreamy faith. December festivities sure seem to have kicked off in Indore with an extraordinary Christmas stage and a zillion smiles. The evening concluded with Santa distributing gifts and guests enjoying mulled wine, hot chocolate, plum cakes, brownies and other appetising snacks.

Indore Marriott Santa Claus

If equality and wisdom are to prevail hand in hand then, Marriott, by all means, is setting the right standards for the society. Also, do read our article on “Take a Trip to the North Pole With Marriott Indore and Visit the Santa Village.

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