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Krazy Butterfly is an award-winning ‘Luxury Travel’ online magazine, with a bunch of select luxe aficionado editors, travelling the world, in style. We are your serious come-to online feed for experiential recommendations, whether the world’s most luxurious hotels or destinations. What sets us apart is that we record our globetrotting by penning down, first-hand experiences. From Astonishing Asia to Eclectic Europe, we have covered it all. Here’s a glimpse of our Continent (al) Drive from across ASIA, EUROPE, SCANDINAVIA, TURKEY and the UNITED KINGDOMVeidehi Gite, the founder of Krazy Butterfly, is a former advertising professional with 18 years of corporate sales, business development, account management, and creative agency experience. Apart from authoring Krazy Butterfly, she also writes for Make My Trip, Trip101, Blasting News USA, UC News India and many other notable platforms.

Krazy Butterfly has been featured by Bhaskar, BTV, First Print, Patrika, Prabhat Kiran, Finland Tourism, Sweden Tourism, MP Tourism, Buurfee, Indibeat, to name a few. Our Brand experience ranges from working for world-class brands, such as VIP Bags, Taj Hotels, Pernod Ricard, Tata Group, My Envy Box, WelcomHeritage Group, Marriott International, Radisson Blu Group, Preferred Group Hotels, Asian Paints, Myntra, LG, SDB, Make My Trip, Trip101, TATA, MEB, Vanya Herbal Luxury, The Corinthians, to name a few. 

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Holidify Solo Woman Travel Influencer Winner

January 2019:  Winner – Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 – Top Solo Women Travel Influencers of India

Holidify Travel & Lifestyle 1st Runner up

January 2019: 1st Runner Up – Top Travel and Lifestyle Influencers of India by Holidify

Holidify 2nd Runner Food and Travel

January 2019: 2nd Runner Up – Top Food and Travel Influencers of India by Holidify

August 2018:  Best Luxury Travel Website Award of 2018 by Empty Lighthouse

April 2018:  Featured by Nirvana Foundation in their 2018 Coffee Table Book

March 2018: IFBA Awards (Indian Food Bloggers Association) Nominated

Feb 2018: Versatile Blogger Award

Feb 2018: Global Top 75 Travel Lifestyle Blogs

Jan 2018: Liebster Award

Oct 2017: Indian Bloggers Award Nominated

August 2017: Blogger Recognition Award II Nominated

June 2017: Blogger Recognition Award I Nominated

We are the stylish caterpillars of the travel industry, who crawl their way into the outside world, to bring back colourful-stories on our delicate wings. Not only, will these stories help you prepare for your travel but also, unveil the unseen world. And along the way, you get to learn what to eat, wear, and how to live like a local!

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