India’s Most Expensive and Luxurious Hotels

India is a riot of remarkable diversity, splattered across timeless traditions, spectacular landscapes, rich heritage, architectural wonders, and sparkling culinary delights. From the phenomenal snowy, northern peaks, to the palm-fringed sandy beaches of South, India’s terrains get dramatically riveting as you travel from North to South. Formerly known as ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’ (the Golden Bird), India, was once the wealthiest land on Earth. Even today, the nation’s disintegrated castles peer over the lost and gone gold, nature, majestic anatomy’s, temples, and salt marshy white desert’s. If you are willing to spare no expense, to scout the authentic Indian, luxurious lifestyle, then here is a list of India’s luxurious hotels which can recreate your dreams.

India’s Luxurious Hotels

What sets them apart, is that they can re-enact the magnificence of incredible outdoors in the comfort of exemplary hospitality. Each one of these hotels aims at enhancing the overall wellness, while, upgrading your lifestyle. Waking up to pine-scented meditative air, scrumptious breakfast in bed, and getting to kick-start your day with Himalayan natural mineral water, is certainly the secret key to a brilliant day.

1. Get treated like a ‘Royalty’ at Taj Hotels

Rooted in antiquity and tradition, Taj Hotels deliver a truly unforgettable experience, each time you check-in with them. Starting from their traditional welcome to creating lifelong memories, the exemplary service of Taj beats almost all other hospitality partners. The extraordinary experiences curated by Taj Hotels feature authenticity at its best, whether it be accommodation or dining. Voted as one-of-the-best luxury hotels in India, Taj epitomises incomparable royalty and elegance worth splurging on.

2. Signature Hospitality at Marriott International

Next in line, is Marriott International, a world-class hospitality partner featuring upscale signature hospitality. Ever since 1927, Marriott has been creating a world of experiences for people from all walks of life. Found by Alice and James Marriott, Marriott Hotels, is a leading hospitality chain, present in 122 countries with 6,000 properties. By all means, each one of these properties is designed to cater a culture that puts people first.

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