Fresh Start with Himalaya Strawberry Face Wash

Himalaya Strawberry
Himalaya Strawberry Face Wash

Berries essentially are good for health! The strawberries, however, are excellent for our skin, as well. Infused with a dose of antioxidants and vitamin C, eating Strawberries or using products based on its extracts, are likely to brighten and lighten our skin effectively. Additionally, the fruit also offers great-anti ageing benefits. For as long as, we remember we have been using Strawberry face masks to fight oily skin. It’s only recently, were we made to sample the Himalaya Strawberry Face Wash with an oil-clear formula. Turns out to be a perfect alternative to face masks, which leave the skin dry after multiple uses. The face wash by Himalaya instead, uses its acidic qualities to wipe off the excess sebum and nourish and revitalise skin along the way.

Strawberry Himalaya

Himalaya Fresh Start Strawberry Face Wash

The all-new “Himalaya Fresh Start Strawberry Face Wash,” is formulated with an oil-clear formula, further enhanced; with the invigorating goodness of Strawberries and Indian Gooseberries. Packed, with natural beads, this fruitilicious face wash uses the deep cleansing action to get rid of excessive impurities. For us, it means oil-free freshness throughout the day, that along with, a fresh, soft, and healthy face.

Key ingredients:

Strawberry: A good source of minerals, vitamin B6, K and E, Strawberries are an essential fruit to enhance the overall appearance of skin. That along with natural conditioning!

Indian Gooseberry: A good source of astringent properties which result in reducing excessive skin oiliness.

Directions for use:

To effectively apply the “Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry Face Wash,” squeeze a little gel on your moist palms and gently work massage in circular motions. Wash off the lather and pat dry.

Priced at INR 140 for a 100ml pack, the Himalaya Strawberry Face was is available in 50ml and 100ml travel size packaging.

Himalaya Strawberry Face Wash Review

We found this face wash great, for our oily skin. The subtle fruity-fragrance lingers around for a few hours, which keeps us feeling fresh. We use this face wash twice a day, and we think we have a perfect organic match for all seasons. Note that all products by Himalaya are natural and safe to use.

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