Hit the Helsinki Market Square to get local Food and Unique Souvenirs

We are talking about a stunning sizeable open-air market, that lounges at the shores of the Baltic Sea. In fact, it’s the unique blend of the farmers market, flea market and craftsmen show that makes Market Square special. The first thing you notice about this place is ‘Kauppatori’ stalls bedecked with bright orange fabric. These stalls sell food, souvenirs, warm fur clothing and more such items. The Market Square is open Mondays through Saturdays and on Sundays during the summer. Above all, a short walk from Market Square is the pier where you can set off on a cruise. Additionally, the Town Hall, Guard House, Presidential Palace and other historical buildings are all within walking distance. 

Helsinki Market Square
Veidehi’s trip to Helsinki Market Square

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The Vibrant and Orange Helsinki Market Square

The locals say, that some of the best food can be found at the Market Square. Reindeer meat, Fresh fruits (delicious Berries of all sorts), fresh vegetables, some fresh-caught salmon, Finnish doughnuts and other baked goods top the list. A shop in the vicinity, claims to sell the best meat pastries in the country. I tried most of the items recommended to me, and believe you me, each food item holds a distinctive Finnish flavour worth trying. 

Which Souvenirs to buy at Helsinki Market Square?

You will find many unique souvenirs at Helsinki’s Market Square, where skilled artisans tout their work. For collection, you may want to buy Viking bottle caps, glassware, Reindeer Horn cheese slicers, Reindeer horn bottle openers, jewellery, Lapp hats, Moomin showpieces, and Finnish Vodka.

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Helsinki Market Square

Likewise, for a classic memorial, you may want to purchase Kuska’s (traditional bowls), Wall hangings, Reindeer skins, Russian fur hats or traditional hunting knives (Puukko). Handicrafts, souvenirs, flowers, and food from local producers draw in both locals and tourists.

Helsinki Market Square

The Market Square Festival in Helsinki

The Market Square offers a traditional and authentic market experience. The venue is also home to Helsinki’s annual herring festival, held during October each year. In fact, the 1st Friday of each month transforms Market Square into a car show. The ferry terminals of the Helsinki passenger port are located near the square. Towards the south of the square, is located the South Port, where passenger ferries depart to Stockholm and Tallinn. Above all, the Russian influence remains evident in the classical grandeur found throughout Helsinki, which at times seems to echo St Petersburg, a city just 3 hours away by train.

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