Best of Helsinki from Finland in Europe

Helsinki is at the northern tip of the Europe, and this daughter of the Baltic is surrounded with over 315 islands. Additionally, Helsinki is Finland’s biggest city that offers innumerable historic structures and museums. In spite of the fact that, what makes Helsinki prevalent is that it is the fourth largest city in Nordic nations. Equally, important is that Helsinki also includes Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen and a few commuter towns. In actuality, about 75 percent of foreign companies of Finland are in Helsinki.

The Fascinating History of Helsinki

It was amazing to find out, that King Gustav of Sweden had constituted this city in 1550 AD. Thereafter, the city developed to be a strong competitive trading post. Similarly, vital is that architects Johan Albrecht and Carl Ludwig rebuilt this city in the empire style. Watch the elaborate designs amid your visit to the ‘Lutheran Cathedral’ that was built in 1852. Most importantly, observe the Russian influence being a piece of Finland’s architectural history.

Visit these Iconic Landmarks in Helsinki

Visit the Modern Finlandia Hall, City Hall, Parliament House, the Presidential Palace, the monumental railroad station and the great Lutheran Cathedral. From that point, visit the Olympic Stadium, Sibelius Monument, Church in the Rock and Market Square that offers crisp food and impressive souvenirs. Stroll along the harbour, after you finish visiting the iconic historic points! Additionally, you can also shop at the conventional boutique stores, that sell second-hand dresses for marked down rates. Then again, there are a lot of shopping centres, eateries and bars for you to eat out. At that point again, Helsinki takes you by surprise because of its unexplored exclusivity. 

Lifestyle and Cuisine of Helsinki

The yachts parked at the harbour symbolise Finnish way of life. Finns adore their islands, historic heritage, nourishment and customs. In addition, the city port is a significant captivating spot to explore. Locate a seat and watch the little islands and serene city life for hours. On the off chance that you stay in Helsinki for 3 days, you can cover the greater part of these iconic spots. Bear in mind to visit the grand parks and stadiums of this dazzling city, or take a trip to Sweden or Russia! That way, you can appreciate both cruising and tax-free shopping.

Presumably, the seafood of this area is incredibly delicious and healthy, therefore savour a customary Finnish feast before you take off. Oysters, herring, crayfish, jumbo prawns, Liver Patte, cabbage rolls, pea soup and Viili are a couple of Finnish specialities. Let Helsinki’s picturesque and perpetual views absorb you, along with its popular Mediterranean flavours. Explore the islands, visit the museums and art galleries or take a walk by the serene harbour. Whatever you choose to do, the natural beauty of this city will have a tight grasp on your spirit.

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