Gardens By The Bay, transforming Garden City to a City in a Garden

On my first trip to “Gardens By The Bay,” I was invariably greeted by the wondrous funnel-shaped trees, evoking astonishment with their massive steel branches and tangible trunks. Come to think of it, developing this horticultural prodigy must have been an outrageous idea since its inception. Housing an unsurpassed collection of the in-house plantation, GBTB, is today one of the best engineering marvels of the world.

As a matter of fact, GBTB surpassed all expectations in 2015 after successfully growing olive trees in a non-tropical region. Oh, and they also happen to be the world’s largest “cooled” conservatory! More reasons for you to visit this 101-hectare park on your first trip to Singapore.

Gardens By The Bay

The Gardens By The Bay feature 2 paid attractions, namely, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. I visited during daytime hence could not luxuriate in the night lightings. For one thing, it gave me a chance to observe Cloud Forest’ ‘towering’ indoor waterfall in the broad daylight. The Cloud Forest is a unique gallery of plants inside a dome-like structure with multiple levels.

Gardens By The Bay Cloud Forest

It gets fascinating when sprinklers form artificial mists above you which resemble nothing short of clouds. (hence the name) Stop by to notice the rare Orchids, dahlias, and bromeliads, but stay away from the pitcher plants.

Gardens By The Bay White Door

Even though, it’s the cooled conservatories and larger-than-life Supertrees that take GBTB to another level. Not only, do these magnanimous gardens pique your attention, but also, bound you to appreciate the creator’s imagination. (or invention, as GBTB proudly sustains the use of energy)

Gardens By The Bay Veidehi

I am sad I didn’t return back in the evening for the light show. Just so that you know, there is no charge to visit the gardens and the light show. However, you will have to pay a nominal fee to get inside the tree top and the conservatories. Spanning across, 250 acres of reclaimed land, in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay was once a sea then a soggy soil land.

Gardens By The Bay Entrance

Ever since its launch in 2012, this horticultural destination has successfully transformed a barren land into a lush green valley. (housing over 1 million plants near Marina reservoir)

Gardens By The Bay Marina View

You will be lost awestruck amid blooming plantations from everywhere, except Antarctica. You can’t go wrong when you have so much to soak in. For starters, GBTB holds a room for 3 waterfront gardens. (Bay Central, Bay East, and Bay South Garden, the largest of all) Gardens by the Bay is Singapore’s strategy to convert a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden”.

Gardens By The Bay Skywalk Bridge

An initiative to enhance the quality of life by extending greenery in the city. If you are lucky to visit around the Christmas holidays, then you can also experience fake snow along with, an incredible light show.

Gardens By The Bay OCBC

I certainly couldn’t leave before looking in on the Skyway walk. I’d say, visit at noon if you want to avoid crowds of tourists. To go up on the walkway, get your pass from the ticket counter, then head to the lift.

Gardens By The Bay Skywalk

When you arrive atop, the door will open to a bright yellow curvaceous bridge. One of the Super-trees even flaunts an in-house restaurant for nature and architecture lovers.

You will love the experience as I have!

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