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You have unearthed the correct post, on the off chance that you are planning your first outing to the world’s top tourist destination. Yet, France is a lot stuffed into a single word! Particularly when you attract consideration regarding its natural landscapes, incredible exhibition halls, architecture and engineering ponders. Likewise, you can top it off with a fine culinary experience, pervaded along all French cities. Here’s a rundown of 5 cities, I suggest you visit amid your first vacation to France.

Paris: The Hot and Trendy Capital of France

You will become hopelessly enamoured with Paris, when you first set your foot here. Welcome to a close scope of aromas, sweet-smelling cafe’s, rich eateries, cobblestoned boulevards, historic landmarks, selective galleries and drifting design. On the off chance that you are in Paris for a couple days, at that point visit the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, Louver historical centre, Notre-Dame house of God, Luxembourg Gardens and Lido de Paris men’s club. From that point, take a Segway or cycle along the Seine River, boutique stores, fantastic avenues or just enjoy a tranquil cruise ride on the most outstanding ‘Bateaux Parisiens’. Above all, dig into the social vibe, splash the rich substance and enjoy some awesome french cuisine.

Versailles: The Royal French Experience

You can reach the stunning city of Versailles in 40 minutes, if you catch a train from downtown Paris. The food, music and ambience is almost magical, so is the exquisite Royal architecture. The people in France call Palace of Versailles as the “Royal Chateau de Versailles”. This most beautiful Palace in Europe was once King Louis XIV’s abode, which helped him keep his friends close and enemies closer. All in all, this palace is a symbol of boundless power, wealth and passion that lets you experience the French Royalty. Not to mention, the city of Versailles is almost too breathtaking to ever forget.

French Riviera: Experience the Shore Line Magic at Nice

This Mediterranean stretch of seashore will treat you to an extraordinary french experience. Nice (pronounced ‘Niece’) is known to be the queen of the Riviera! The fanciable city of Nice is exploding with innovative art museums, architecture, fabled promenades and blue pebble beaches. Stay in Nice, and take a day trip to Monaco where you will find plenty of luxury cars and Formula One drivers ! (also celebs) In fact, The Riviera offers both high end and economical accommodation to its visitors, however the most preferred ones are the Chateau’s in St. Tropez, Cannes and Nice. A long drive along the coastal roads is a must, just like hiking in the red rock mountain countryside.

Lourdes: The Religious Pilgrimage Destination

Lourdes is a busy city, which transforms into a religious destination during most months. It is known globally for it’s holy and healing waters. This makes it a spirited spot for believers, and they even facilitate praying baths.

Provence: The Extraordinary Light and Landscape

Provence is enclosed by the Mediterranean Sea and extends from the bank of the Rhone River to Italy. In fact, this region was the first Roman province after Alps and was called ‘Provincia Romana’ initially. Thereafter in 1481, it evolved into the province of the Kings of France. This region of France is opulent in light and landscape, a place where you will want to record innumerable pictures and videos.

Drive along the lavendar fields and visit the Marseille (an ancient port with exclusive museums) and Nimes amphitheatres. On your way, you will cross innumerable cherry orchards, countryside villages and local food markets. The highlight however is the peak of Mont Ventoux – Europe’s deepest canyon with emerald green water. Spend at least 2 days at each city, and use more maps than your GPS tracker. (Yellow maps are the best as they are very narrative) In addition, learn a few French before you arrive as it will open many doors. Don’t Leave Valuables in your rental car, don’t fall for “The Ring Trick” and above all don’t buy mineral water instead drink tap water like French do. Vive la France!

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