Experience Optical Illusion in Helsinki from Finlandia Hall

Finlandia Hall

Helsinki is one of the most remarkable cities I have visited, showcasing Finnish modernism through its architecture. And cultural influence through its lifestyle! Finlandia Hall, in particular, is Helsinki’s 19th-century multipurpose venue which was built by Alvar Aalto. Famous for optical illusion, towering sections, detailed designs and sloping roofs, Finlandia Hall stands out with each element designed by Aalto.

Optical Illusion at Finlandia Hall

During my short visit to Finlandia Hall, I heard the guide repeating the popularity factor of the hall associated with optical illusions. Also, it was fascinating to find out that Aalto had purposely created a high-empty-space for better acoustics. Also, the lattice ceiling, which conceals the empty space from the audience. It gets interesting when the acoustics get better with a deep post-echo. (like that of a church tower) The flooring, on the other hand, intensifies the hall with its contrasting white marble and black granite floor. They say, the reason Aalto chose marble, was because he wanted to connect Finland with Mediterranean way of life. 

Whichever way you look at it, Aalto was a commendable man! He took his talent and passion beyond architecture and started adding optical illusions at an early stage. Finlandia Hall is a fine example of Aalto’s optical illusion blueprint. Featuring a mega show from the edge of Finlandia’s tower, Aalto designed this effect by placing black trapezium over white marble surface, to fit the rising tower. This placement makes the National Museum building on the other side, appear to rise upwards. One optical illusion you must certainly experience in person!

Interiors of Finlandia Hall

Finlandia has simple interiors in conformity with nature. In fact, Aalto handpicked all the lamps, door handles and furniture items at the time of construction. Each one of Hall’s articles connects with nature, in some way. At present, Finlandia Hall is used for all kinds of national and international exhibits. The Hall even retains the original artist impressions. 

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