Finlandia Hall Optical Illusion in Helsinki

Helsinki is one of the most remarkable cities I have ever visited. Not only, does it showcase Finnish modernism through its architecture, but also, a hint of cultural influence. Finlandia Hall, in Helsinki, is a 19th-century multipurpose venue, built by Alvar Aalto. This famed building is popular for its towering sections, detailed designs, and sloping roofs. At present, the city authorities own and manage the Hall. Although, what makes Finlandia Hall stand out, is the fact that Alvar Aalto personally curated every little detail of the complex.

How did Aalto create Optical Illusions at the Finlandia Hall?

At Finlandia Hall, I learned that Aalto intentionally created a high empty space for better acoustics. In the same breath, he concocted a lattice ceiling, which effortlessly conceals the empty space, from the audience. At the same time, the acoustics get better, with a deep post echo like that of tall church towers. To intensify the surface, Aalto made the use of marble and contrasting black granite. Also, he chose Marble to create a cord between Finland and Mediterranean way of life. 

Whichever way you look at it, Aalto was an interesting man! His talent and passion did not just end at architecture, in fact, it further extended to optical illusions. What’s more, Finlandia Hall is a fine example of Aalto’s master “optical illusion” creation. So, to begin with, the optical illusion at Finlandia Hall, features a mega show from the edge of its tower, which makes the National Museum building on the other side, appear to rise upwards. Aalto smartly designed this effect, by placing perfectly measured, black trapezium, over white marble surface to fit the rising tower.

Finlandia Hall features Simple Interiors

Finlandia Hall features simple interiors in conformity with nature. I didn’t get to explore the inside, however, learned a little secret. Apparently, Aalto handpicked each lamp, door handle, and furniture piece during the making of the Hall. (all symbolising nature in some, or, the other way) As of today, Finlandia Hall is largely used as a venue, for both large & small and national & international exhibitions. In Hall’s renovation history, recent new additions were made to the 19th-century Congress Wing in 2011. Other than that, the Hall retains the original artist’s impression and is an iconic landmark, you cannot miss while you are in Helsinki. 

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