The Remarkable Finlandia Hall by Alvar Aalto

Helsinki is one of the most remarkable cities you will ever visit. The city exhibits Finnish modernism through its Finlandia Hall amongst other landmarks. To begin with, this multipurpose venue was designed by architect Alvar Aalto in 1971. The Hall is owned by the city authorities and is a very popular attraction. Not to mention the main feature of the Finlandia Hall building is the towering section with a sloping roof. Above all, Alvar Aalto designed every little detail in the building which makes it very special to Helsinki.

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Alvar Aalto Ideation behind the Finlandia Hall

Aalto’s idea behind the design was to create a high empty space, which would provide better acoustics. A lattice ceiling hides the space to the audience. However, it allows the creation of the same deep post echo as tall church towers. Aalto used marble to enhance surfaces as well as a contrast to black granite. As a matter of fact, Aalto used marble as a cord to connect with the Mediterranean culture. Alvar Aalto liked creating optical illusions and Finlandia Hall gives you a glimpse of his master creation. The National Museum building on the other side seems to rise from the edge of the Finlandia Hall tower. Alvar created this effect by smartly placing a black trapezium over white marble surface, perfectly measured to fit the rising tower.

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The candid interiors of the Finlandia Hall

The Hall focuses on simple interiors! This is because Aalto’s architectural vision was to create a frame for human beings in accordance with nature. Therefore, the design of each lamp, door handles, furniture and flooring reflects Aalto’s architectural expertise. Moreover, the flexible exhibition facilities at the Finlandia Hall offer a setting for both large international congresses and small-scale meetings. In addition, a Congress Wing built in 1975 saw a new expansion in 2011 with new facilities. Therefore, do visit this iconic landmark while you are touring Helsinki next time.

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