Exploring Finland, the 8th Largest European Country

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Finland is the 8th largest country in European land, with widely spaced intervals and innumerable lakes. To begin with, a thumping 187,888 lakes surround Finland. In addition, this gorgeous country offers 179,888 Finnish Islands to explore! Believe you me, it’s a breathtaking journey where you are chased by stunning lakes and scenic beauty. So what’s special about this country other than its lakes? Notably, this Finnish Suomi is the official Republic of this country. To emphasise, Finland is a sovereign state in Europe, bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. The capital Helsinki, occupies surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea. Northern Lights can be observed from country’s Arctic province, which is a boundless uninhabited region with national parks and ski resorts.

Helsinki Market Square
Veidehi’s trip to Helsinki Market Square

Finland was an Integral part of Sweden in 12th Century

Following the 1917 Russian revolution, Finland declared itself independent. Helsinki is where you will find the country’s finest museums, art galleries, parks, historical monuments, restaurants, and shopping centres. Explore the historic castle of Hameenlinna, Turku and the Aland Islands (a large archipelago) from Turku by ferry. Regardless, do not miss prime spots, like Senate Square and the underground Rock Church.

Helsinki Railway Station

Learn a few Finnish Phrases before you visit Finland

  1. Hello                                                Hyvää päivää | Terve | Hei | Haloo

  2. How are you?                                    Mitä kuuluu? | Kuinka voit?

  3. My name is                                       Nimeni On

  4. Good Morning!                                 Hyvää huomenta

  5. Good Night!                                      Hyvää päivää

  6. Good Evening!                                  Hyvää iltaa

  7. Good Night!                                      Hyvää yötä

  8. Good Luck!                                       Onnea

  9. Cheers!                                             Kippis!

  10. I don’t know                                      En tiedä

  11. Excuse me/Sorry                              Anteeksi

  12. How much is this?                            Paljonko tämä maksaa?

  13. Please                                               Pyydän | Olkaa hyvä

  14. Thank You                                       Kiitos

  15. Help!                                               Apua!

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