Express Inn should be your next stopover in Nasik

Express Inn Nashik Morning Arrival

Maharashtra is an extensive canvas of rich culture, architecture, and celebrated historical legacies. An absolute delight of a state providing plenty of opportunities for both business travellers, as well as, the tourists. Near Mumbai, Maharashtra’s 3rd-largest city Nasik is a new hot favourite for conventions and weekend getaways. Sitting on the bank of river Godavari, the city features ancient Buddhist caves, vineyards, an exquisite silverware market, and close to a hundred temples. To explore the city’s best, we decided to check-in to Express Inn, a spectacular property by Preferred Group. Built facing Buddhist Stupa and Caves of Pandavleni, Express Inn, essentially, evokes a sense of unexpressible calmness.

Express Inn should be your next stopover in Nasik

Express Suite Express Inn Nashik

When, we reached Nasik, on a hot summer day in April, the early morning breeze was dawning cool and breezy. Out hotel pick-up service had arrived before time and that, indeed, led us to start our workday on a positive note. Soon after, the Express Inn SUV roared off into the foggy roads, gradually unveiling the phenomenal views of mountains and majestic hills from the Nashik Freeway. The silhouettes began to draw in the eastern sky, casting off a landscaping loom. Before we could soak in the beauty of the sunrise, our designated car entered the splendid premises of the Express Inn resort.

Reviewing Express Suite, of Express Inn, Nasik

Express Inn Nashik Mountain Views

Even though our suite check-in was for noon, the management was kind enough to offer us a standard room, in the meanwhile. That gave us plenty of time to freshen up, enjoy our breakfast at Aster, all-day dining restaurant, and plan our day without losing any time. Then came the moment when we moved, into our spacious 535 sqft of sheer luxury. The Express Suite of Express Inn, Nasik is a retreat for the tourists. The curtains draw up to wonderful views of the ancient Pandavleni Caves. While, the interiors feature a foot massager, a walk-in closet, mini-fridge, electronic tea kettle, and a digital safe.

Kimirica toilet accessories
Premium Kimirica Toilet Accessories

Express Inn Suite is a complete package for the business travellers. From Suit hanger to premium Kimirica organic toiletries, in the en-suite washroom; everything is perfectly-placed to suit your comfort. We judge hotels by the toilet accessories they offer because this is the simplest way of finding out, if the hospitality partner, really cares. For that reason, we are impressed that, Express Inn offers Kimirica Royale De Collecte, based on a 5000-year-old Ayurvedic formula. Essentially-infused with organic oils, actives, and natural fragrances. We were indeed, impressed by Express Inn’s thoughtful-choice of selection.

Aster for All-Day Dining

Aster Express Inn
Aster All-Day Dining Express Inn

During our weekend trip, we mostly dined at Aster, the all-day dining restaurant of Express Inn resort in Nasik. (With an exception, of one dinner at Le Bar & Salon) Aster is a cosy restaurant dressed in the shades of red and black and adorned with teak furnishings. Bathing in natural sunlight on one side, Aster offers a buffet to a variety of A La Carte continental dishes.

Express Inn Gold Menu
24 Karat Gold Kala Jamun

In all honesty, we were pleasantly surprised by their 24-karat gold menu. On display, were 6 ‘exquisite’ dishes, enhanced with a layer of edible-gold. We quite liked the Kala Jaam, we tasted!

Krazy Butterfly Sundowner Express Inn Nashik
Krazy Butterfly dancing to Sundowner tunes at Express Inn Nashik

On the first day of our stay, we ventured out to attend the Sunday Sundowner party organised by Express Inn. In collaboration with Rhythm Winery, this musical gig had everyone dance to its tunes. Usually, wine gigs are a European trend! It was great to observe something similar locally, considering Nasik is the wine capital of India. The mid-April sundowner was ‘fueled’ with Dj Sam’s music, fire-juggling, long cocktail menu, and great ambience.

Express Inn Sports Bar

Dancing through Sunday Sundowner, built up an unexpected appetite! Which, led us into Express Inn’s neon-lit Le Bar & Salon, famous for finger-food and continental food items. We smashed the evening with sizzlers, Long Island Ice Teas, and cheering up the IPL teams on plasma screens.

Express Inn and Pandavleni Caves 

Express Inn from Pandavleni Caves
Express Inn from Pandavleni Caves

Pandavleni caves are only a 5-minute drive from Express Inn. Which is why, you shouldn’t miss a chance to explore these ancient caves if, staying in the neighbourhood. Climbing the caves took us 45-minutes, which was well-worth for the pictures we got from the top of the hill. Above is the shot of Express Inn from the ancient 1st-century Pandavleni Caves.

Healing at the O2 Spa

O2 Spa Nashik
O2 Spa in Express Inn Nashik

We can’t tell you how knackered we felt after climbing up and down the Pandavleni Caves. Feeling almost feverish, we returned to the hotel and jumped right at the massage options at the in-house O2 Spa. Bless the masseurs who gave us a foot reflexology and back massage to help us heal from our tiring trip. In no time, we were ready to fire all cylinders!

Into the VIP Lounge Freesia

Freesia Lounge Express Inn
Freesia Lounge Express Inn

Other than the O2 Spa, Express Inn also features a VIP Lounge Freesia. To access this lounge, you ought to be a Presidential Suite guest, however, we were let in, on a special request. Freesia is an aesthetic walk into the antiquated world of collector’s items! From functional Gramophone to a vintage collection of cigars and whiskies, Freesia is where luxury meets lifestyle. 

Good Night Chocolates Express Inn
Good Night Chocolates for Suite Guests at Express Inn

Beyond the luxury, was the comfort of our King size bed and good night chocolates we received on each night. Like they say, all’s well that ends well and every new day is a fresh start.

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