Incredible Estonian Facts to Learn and Enjoy

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These interesting Estonian facts made me fall in love with this astonishing country! To begin with, Estonians are beyond the uniform choice of sports. They believe in inventing and reinventing exciting and entertaining sports. Something that could consume both the players as well as the audience. Therefore these Estonia facts will get you by surprise. For instance, a Swing-set I believe is a part of everyone’s childhood, Estonians however, have taken this game beyond childhood.

  • One Estonian (a huge fan of swing-sets), invented an extreme and incredibly cool version of it, which has now become one of the most popular in the country. He designed a better frame, solely for the purpose of going all the way over the bar, and that’s the entire sport. This game has competitors on giant swings, attempting to do a full 360-degree rotation over the top bar of the swing. The winner is the one who can do this on the swing with the longest swing arms. This one Estonian, who invented the game was not to be dissuaded from flipping all the way over his swing. Insane isn’t? 

Wait! There’s also The wife carrying world champion in Estonia. Despite being an egalitarian country, Estonia claims that they still produce expert wife carriers.

The Magnificent E-Estonia

While most countries are yet to envision online voting, Estonia has been there and done it since 2005. One of the most Tech-sound countries in the world, where most educational institutes and homes having an Internet connection. The Estonian government issues unique pins and logins for online government services, so that assures a secure infrastructure in place. Clearly, this technology will be the way of the future. Equally important, is that the Estonian government was the first in Europe to introduce a flat tax system into practice.

Interesting Facts about Estonia

This country borders only 2 neighbours on Land; Russia on the East and Latvia on the South. It borders the Gulf of Finland on the north and the Baltic Sea on the West. Estonia celebrates 2 Independence days! First Independence Day, when it acquired independence from Russia. Second, after acquiring the Independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. For the same reason August 20th, 1991, is observed as the Restoration of Independence Day. Nevertheless, Estonia also has the highest number of international supermodels in the world. Also, Estonia happens to be the 4th least religious country in the world. Statistics from different studies prove that around 80% of Estonians don’t belong to a certain religion. Only Sweden, Denmark and China have surpassed those statistics by respectively 88%, 83% and 82%.

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