When I visited Don Bosco and Air Force Museum

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Both the mornings and evenings in Shillong around winters are typically cold and cloudy. The pollution less air sure makes a difference, relaxing you on a deeper level and holding you back to the city. Tempted to explore the institutions that conserve the collection of cultural as well as historical artefacts of this area, we wrapped our mufflers around our neck, and headed out to Don Bosco Museum. It is a major tourist spot providing a glimpse of the rich and multi-cultural lifestyles of the indigenous people of North East India.

Visit Don Bosco and Air Force Museum

This three-in-one institution is open from Monday through Saturday between 09:00 am to 04:30 pm. With 7 stories and 15,000 sq.ft of display wall space, the Don Bosco Museum of Shillong combines research and publication centre, and ranks among the top 40 cultural centres of its kind in the world for preserving the rich cultural heritage of North East India. The design and architecture of the museum is startling! It is built in hexagonal shape, where the 7 floors represent the 7 states of North East India. Furthermore, the Museum offers study and research facilities throughout its specialised library. Overall the institution is frequented by students, research specialists, anthropologists and tourists.

Air Force Museum is a facility that exhibits pictures of Indo-China and Indo-Pak wars. Astonishingly, they also have Python’s skin on display at the museum. To sum up, it’s a fascinating site to learn about Air Defence history and the contributions of valiant warriors. A souvenir shop offers gifts for your loved ones.

Shillong’s City Centre Circle

Our lunch had more political conversations on table, than the items on the menu. Next we visited the most interesting part of Shillong. The city centre circle hosts the hustle bustle of Police Bazar which is their Shopper’s Paradise. Shopping the traditional shawls and woollens was one of my best experiences. Although my best pick was this jacket with tribal design that I bought for my daughter who thoroughly loved it.

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