The Art of Rolling Perfect Dimsums by Marriott

Indore Marriott Dimsum Classes

Rolling perfect Dimsums is a culinary art which requires immense patience and practice. So we learned at the Dimsum making class organized by Indore Marriott. If, this is one of your bucket list items then read on! In our case, call it ironical because 5 years back, everytime we planned a night out to Hyatt China House, we wanted to meet the Chef who executed their flavorsome range of Dimsums. As luck had it, Chef Sharki moved to Indore Marriott, and here we are, learning how to roll perfect Dimsums by the Masterchef, himself.

Marriott Indore Dimsum Class

Dimsums are a significant part of the Cantonese cuisine! It’s the kind of Chinese cuisine that is not only, light on the stomach but also, an everyday dish. In fact, these small-bites, are traditionally served in bamboo baskets or steamers and are best enjoyed with tea and brunch in China. So to create an authentic experience, Indore Marriot had kept our tables ready before our arrival. Swarmed with an attractive collection of colorful dough, stuffings, and rolling essentials, our table was set ‘perfectly’ to inspire creative cooking.

Marriott Dimsum Class Flatened Dough

The first round of teachings featured how to roll the Dimsum dough. A method that requires you to press the farther ends of the dough ball, until it appears flexibly-flat.

Marriott Dimsum Class Dimsum Sealing

Second round taught us how to hold the flat Dimsum dough in the center of our palm before stuffing it with the filling. The trick is to stuff and press with the spoon until you are sure that you are ready to seal the Dimsum.

Marriott Dimsum Class Dimsum Stuffing

The third and final round was the difficult of all as it had us learn how to seal the Dimsums in different ways. Each technique was creative yet, the hardest to implement.

Marriott Dimsum Class Final Product

All in all, we had insane fun being a part of this ‘amazing’ Cantonese culinary class. After the Chefs wrapped up the Dimsum class, they collected all the bamboo baskets and yes, all the dumplings that we had rolled were steamed, packed, and delivered to us in an attractive takeaway packaging. That, along with, garlic bread and perfect seasonings. In all honesty, we were more than happy to take our first batch of Dimsums back home to our family. Because, if cooking is an art, then our Dimsums were certainly worth flaunting!

Insider’s Tip: Red dough acquired its color from beetroot juice, green from spinach juice, and yellow from carrot juice. 

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