DFDS Pearl Seaways Is Magic On The Move

DFDS Cruise

The Scandinavian turf is where we first, got introduced to a brand-new cruising experience. And sailing amidst some of the World’s most incredible views was a dream come true. But most importantly, our vacation showed us that everything feels and tastes better at sea. DFDS Pearl Seaways was our second cruise in Scandinavia, the first being the Silja Tallink. Sailing from Oslo to Copenhagen, DFDS to us, was magic on the move! In a trice, we sank into deep relaxation, allowing wave resonations and sea breeze to, downright scintillate our mind and spirit.

DFDS Pearl Seaways Deck 10

Revealing exquisite maritime luxury on the waters of the North Sea, DFDS is your best bet in Scandinavia for personalized services. From fine-itineraries to exotic gourmet, Pearl Seaways is the kind of cruise that seamlessly converts you into a regent repeater. For us, the engulfing sunsets amidst the tropical Radness were the centers of the focus. Drifting along the faraway adventure islands, remotely afloat the North Sea, we went from downright beautiful to exceptionally ordinary. A lot of our silent moments were secretly spent, filming the ‘phenomenal’ theme of nature in our heads.

DFDS Seaview

Coming to the adventurous part of the travel, Pearl Seaways, was ‘originally’ built in 1989 to serve the Viking Line traffic. This former MS Langkapuri Star Aquarius, and now, DFDS Pearl Seaways, was eventually upgraded in 2014 with luxe furnishings and amenities. Which, meant newly-furbished cabins, staterooms with balcony, and suites for recent passengers. That along with, improved conference facilities, appealing promenade, and restaurants immersed in the creme la creme luxuries. Our room featured incredible sea views, however, for the most day the field of vision was hindsight by a lifeboat.

DFDS Lavish Oyster Dinner

For that reason, we spent a lot of time lounging on the open decks and sauntering through the Grande Baltic, and Mediterranean buffets. Let alone, the Duty-Free shopping which by default demands a part of our time. Beyond shopping, what we truly enjoyed was the LIVE performance of various artists and bands on board.


All through its sail, DFDS was abuzz with adrenaline pumping entertainment activities. This was a new method of getting acquainted with the cultural heritage of both Norway and Denmark. We took our musical experience a notch higher by spending late night hours at the Columbus Club on Deck 8.

DFDS Sea Journey

The European artists fired up the night with jazz, retro, and impromptu singing while, ending it with power packed Indian music. (Jai Ho title song to be precise) Next, we know, the night had turned into a day and we were savoring authentic Danish breakfast on the waters of Denmark. 

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