Davidoff Espresso 57 Intense, Masterpiece of Coffee

Espresso 57 100% Arabica Beans

Every single day we wake up to a morning ritual which calls for an invigorating-state of caffeinated bliss. Coffee cures all, and if you are like us, then one cup of this magical elixir will get you going! You won’t believe but, the history of coffee can be traced back to the 9th-century when it was an unfamiliar potion consumed in Yemen’s Sufi monasteries. It’s safe to say that coffee beans by large are a Sufi Yemeni gift to the world. As, a matter of fact, coffee beans were first introduced to India by Baba Budan, a Sufi saint from Yemen. Thereafter these beans were planted in Southern India’s Coorg region, and after a short while, the Indian monsoon coffee went on to become an international sensation.

Davidoff Espresso 57 Intense

As much as we love Indian coffee, we owe every ounce of our successful day to the Swiss brand Davidoff. Imagine waking up to the smooth aroma of a hot cup of Espresso 57 that smells like roasted Arabica beans, and tastes like an intensely perfect coffee with a hint of chocolate notes. They say the secret to this coffee lays in the ‘perfect’ temperature setting which is utilized to roast the beans in the traditional drums. This process allows the seeds to tenderly develop their full flavor which in return gives Espresso a unique taste to please our senses. About the brand, the Zino Davidoff Group is a 19th-century Swiss family business offering a wide-portfolio of luxury products. Coffee being, one of them!

Davidoff Espresso 57 Intense 100 Gm Coffee in a Glass Jar: INR 599

Davidoff Espresso 57

Standing-true to its motto, “true luxury is experiencing the beauty and the ultimate pleasure in every moment” Davidoff coffee has incessantly-driven the inspiration since the late nineteenth century. Like, all great things, Espresso 57 is best echoed in its simplicity. Not only, does Espresso 57 flaunt a tantalizing flavor derived from100% Arabica Beans but also, a common ground for progressives and traditionalists to savor extraordinary sensory pleasure? We bet this impressive pre-ground will excite even the most seasoned coffee drinker. Luckily for a modern explorer, this coffee is available across the globe and has the perfect intensity to fuel your lifestyle.

Taste Indication:

Intensity: Intense Aroma & Taste

Roasting: Very Strong

Acidity: Medium

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