Get a delicious Crab Thali at Malvan Katta

The flavours of Mumbai cuisine are as diverse as its culture. Moreover, Maharashtrians serve their meals with a lot of love and noble warmth, which makes it taste like unity in diversity. From Taj to traditional Malvan, and from street food to fine dining, Mumbai has something for everyone. This coastal city is flourishing with a bounty of seafood restaurants. With options, like Gazalee, Highway Gomtak, and Malvani Khalvan, it’s almost hard to decide which restaurant is my favourite. In time, I’ll take you through all those wonderful eateries, however, for now, let’s explore this one hidden gem in Goregaon East. Malvan Katta is a compact, yet an ideal eatery to enjoy delicious non-veg Thalis.

The Sumptuous Crab Thali at Malvan Katta

All good things come in a small package! For instance, take Malvan Katta, which is an incredibly small restaurant serving a variety of delicious Thalis. This small family run restaurant is a hidden jewel, situated close to Udipi Vihar on the Aarey road in Goregaon East. Certainly, a food paradise for seafood lovers. The authentic Malvani dishes on the menu are both well-prepared and tasty. With every bite, I could taste the delicious and traditional flavours in the Malvani curry. 

I tasted the Crab Thali at the restaurant and parcelled Bombil Fry and Prawns Sukka for later. Malvan Katta serves Konkani coast cuisine, using distinctive spices, which make the food taste deliciously spicy. You can order either fish, prawns, crab, chicken, or mutton thali. The accompaniments include a curry, sol kadi, salad, chappati, and rice.

You can taste the Crab Thali for INR 200 which is an absolute value for money considering the quantity and quality they serve. Other appetizing items I ordered were coated and deep fried Bombil Fry priced at INR 110 and the toothsome Prawns Sukka priced at INR 150, inclusive of all taxes. So, if you are in Goregaon East, and hungry, you know exactly where to drop in for an authentic Malvani meal.

A very palatable lunch

Malvan Katta makes you fall in love with the authentic Malvani cuisine in Mumbai. This (non-air-conditioned) restaurant is a haven for seafood lovers, while the food they serve is an Aphrodite for heart and soul.

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18 thoughts on “Get a delicious Crab Thali at Malvan Katta

  1. I know what you mean Mandira, however, luckily Malvan Katta serves sweet and succulent (soft shell) crab pieces in their thali which are easy to de-shell and relish 😀 Getting it parcelled is another way of enjoying it at home but either way, the flavours are certainly worth trying 🙂

  2. Oh Veidehi , Guess what , Malwan Katta is just around the corner and I have never been there. I am vegetarian by choice. If only I knew you were there, I would have invited you home. Next time, please don’t forget to give me a ring.

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