5 Most Iconic Things To Do And See In Copenhagen

Stock Exchange Copenhagen

Our exploration of Europe’s oldest capital, Copenhagen, turned out to be more insightful than we expected. Perched on the banks of Nyhavn harbor, Copenhagen, is the most high-powered city of Northern Europe. Ironically, also one of the oldest Nordic city, for its very establishment dates back to the eleventh century. Once a quiet neighborhood, inhabiting early fishing settlement, is now, ranked the world’s most liveable city three-times in a row. Regardless to say, Copenhagen retains every ounce of its historic-heritage entwined in the sweet nostalgia of “Portus Mercatorum,” meaning the Merchants Harbour. These words further translate into København for Danish and Kopenhagen for English. From leisurely walks by the waterway to epoch-making landmarks, here’s a rundown of 5 best things to do and see in Copenhagen. 

1. Scout The Little Mermaid Statue

The Little Mermaid Statue

The Little Mermaid Statue symbolizes Copenhagen, like the Statue of Liberty does New York, Merlion does Singapore and the Manneken Pis, Brussels. At first glimpse, Little Mermaid is a bronze sculpture stalled on a rock, in a crowded locality of the harborside Langelinie promenade in Copenhagen. Illustrating the original, Mermaid story, this iconic 100-year-old statue has been a compelling call out of tourism since the early nineteenth century. Resting against the blue waters of Øresund strait, the promenade also gives a brief glimpse of the Nordic seaplanes, parked next to the Langelinie park. Expect to see a lot of cyclists, souvenir stores, restaurants, and herbal garden sellouts, on this waterside hamlet.

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2. Tour The Amalienborg and Christansborg Palace

Denmark Amalienborg Royal Throne

Visiting the home of the Danish Royal family in Copenhagen was an overwhelming experience for us. Built along the lines of four identical façades immersed in rococo interiors, Amalienborg Palace, was bought by the noble families; after Christiansborg Palace burned down in the seventeenth century. The adjoining Christiansborg Palace is now used by the Danish Parliament to perform governmental duties. On our guided tour, we were shown several parts of the palace which the Danish monarch uses until now, including the Royal reception, dining, and the staterooms.

Copenhagen Amalienborg Palace

This colloquial ‘castle of the realm’ is a fantastic showcase of successive royal history from as early as the eleventh century. Decorated in the Neo-baroque and neoclassical style of architecture, both Amalienborg and Christiansborg Palace trace Danish heritage to its roots.

3. Hit Up World’s Second-Oldest Amusement Park, Tivoli

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen2

It’s incredible that both the world’s oldest and second-oldest amusement parks are ‘installed’ in the Danish territory of Copenhagen. However, our magical trip to Tivoli, the second-oldest amusement park on Earth was a story of good fortune. A tale that began with us grabbing a beer, at Hereford Beefstouw and chugging it down while watching the traditional open-air musical. Further leading into a ‘splendid’ arcade full of unique rides, stores, and restaurants, surrounding the white centerpiece Moorish Palace. While all along, the light drizzles sprinkled a little touch of moonshine to the blossoming surroundings.

Tivoli Copenhagen White Moorish Building

In all honesty, we were blown away by the modern theme of this 18th-century park. But more than that, we were surprised by the number of events this venue hosts! Rock concerts, film screenings, and musicals are a small example of Tivoli’s fast spread fame.

4. Walk The Harbor of The Nyhavn

Nyvahn Harbor Copenhagen

A walk up the harbor of Nyhavn is a must on a trip to Copenhagen. This 17th-century canal, and waterfront district of Copenhagen, stretches from Kongens Nytorv to the Royal Playhouse. But, most importantly it’s lined up with vibrantly lit up townhouses, cafes, and restaurants from the bygone era. During our all too short visit, we took a look at many modern and historical Danish ships. Even though, our interests instantly aligned with the wooden ships, of ‘special’ historical interest. Cocooned, in the quintessential marine highway, Nyhavn harbor is where Denmark begins to tell its ancestral sea etymology.

5. Copenhagen Culinary Drive

Copenhagen Mussels

The culinary scene of Copenhagen is primarily, driven by the finest of Michelin-Starred restaurants. From open-face sandwiches to meatballs, liver paste, flavourful mussels, and pork delights, far too delicious and distinguished. However, the ice creams of Copenhagen are a different ballgame altogether. Which, is why people from Denmark consume more icecreams than anywhere else in the world. If you have your trip planned for the summer, then grab a creamy Gammeldags ice cream on the way. This old-fashioned ice cream is a layout of jam, whipped cream, and Flødebolle put together in a cone. Having said that Copenhagen, also features a great selection of craft beer and hawker style food. 

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