Visit Mannheim, the Cosmopolitan City of Germany

Mannheim in Germany, is located between stunning Rhine and Neckar River. The city is home to many mammoth organisations, such as ABB, Daimler, IBM, John Deere, Caterpillar, Roche, Unilever and Siemens. Be that as it may, the city vibrates with a lively social scene and fantastic shopping centres in it’s bustling down town area. This city is also Baden Wurttemberg’s second largest city, after Stuttgart.

Things to do in Mannheim, Germany

Visit the 16th-century Royal Palace, that also houses the University of Mannheim. In addition, explore city’s epic water tower and its wonderful Luisenpark, while you are around. Equally, important is that this German City saw the birth of 2 significant transportations of world! At first, Karl Drais built the world’s first cycle in 1817, followed by Karl Benz, who assembled world’s first car in 1885.

If you are visiting this city for the first time, then begin acknowledging how this city has evolved from medieval to modern. Other iconic landmarks in this city incorporate Tecnoseum Mannheim, SAP arena, Jesuitenkirche, Fernmeldeturm, Engelhorn museum, Kirche Christi, Herzogenried Park, Planetarium, National theatre and Marktplatz Brunnen. Moreover, the city features plenty of shops, restaurants and chic bars to keep you entertained.

What and Where to Eat in Mannheim

Baden-Württemberg is Germany’s third largest state in size and population. This area is located in south-western Germany, surrounded by Hessen, Bayern, Rhineland-Palatinate, Switzerland, Austria and France. Therefore, you can expect global cuisine in this city, infused with authentic German flavours.

For instance, Cafe Journal located in a prime location on Mannheim’s Marktplatz, offers French-styled cuisine and pan-European innovative dishes. Likewise, Cafe Prag features an exclusive 19th-century tailor shop and cigar store. Explore this arty cafe, that flaunts cranberry-red walls, Jugendstil woodwork and a pre-war European decor.

Kochstation, cooks contemporary dishes at its central open kitchen, however also serves fantastic Italian food. Above all, dine at Gasthaus Zentrale or Sudlandhaus to taste authentic German cuisine. While, Gasthaus Zentrale sports a rustic terrace, Sudlandhaus offers incredible cheese, breads, wines, olive oil and antipasti items. Equally, important is that you also visit Wochenmarkt, which is a farmer’s market that sells many items such as local produce, flowers, souvenirs and snacks.

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