Your Guide to Christiansborg Palace in Denmark

This Danish Christiansborg palace turned government building is on the island of ‘Slotsholmen’ in central Copenhagen. The name ‘Christiansborg’ is frequently used as a substitute name for the Danish political system. Moreover, the palace is the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Danish Prime Minister’s Office and the Supreme Court of Denmark. Thus, The palace is home to 3 supreme powers, namely the executive power, the legislative power, and the judicial power. In fact, the Christiansborg Palace is owned by the Danish State and is run by the Palace’s Agency.

The Royal Christiansborg Palace Since 1167

Legends say that the workers found the ruins of a curtain wall, while they were setting the foundation of the ‘Christiansborg’ Palace. Thereafter, experts from the National Museum of Denmark unearthed the inner palace yard in 1917. Above all, the ruins were preserved and opened to public in 1924 after which the site induced much public interest. 

The tickets for the site (20 Euro) includes 4 areas and you can also buy tickets into separate areas. Above all, each room is meticulously accessorised, with superior craftsmanship. A ticket to the Royal Reception Rooms entitles you to a free guided tour. Guided tour is the best deal because then you can wander between era’s without getting lost. The entrance sports Airport styled security from the King’s Gate in the centre of Christiansborg Palace. 

Be sure to take the tour through the Ruins, the Stables, the Royal Kitchen, and the old Royal chambers of the castle. Nonetheless, The Royal chapel built in a neoclassical style dates back to 1826, and is worth a visit. A good guide will provide interesting information, and will bring history to life. The Royal Kitchen is impressive, with over 2 tons of copper. The Grand Hall is breath taking with the tapestries and art work. Whereas, the Alexandra Hall is categorically assigned for official dinners. 

The Royal Reception Rooms

Christiansborg Palace, is the place where the Queen carries out her official duties. Her Majesty receives heads of state and holds public audiences, in the palace’s Royal Reception Rooms. The Royal Reception Rooms are inclusive of the Oval Throne and Tower Room. Although Great Hall is the most breathtaking room in the palace, as this is where you will see the Queen’s tapestries. Then again, the Throne Room offers access to the balcony where the Danish monarchs are proclaimed. 

The Royal Reception Rooms were the highlight of my trip to this magnificent site. Remarkable Architecture and furnishings, which speaks of both the Russian and the Danish history. A lot of Royals married each other from these territories, and the influence is pretty evident. 

Stable Houses of Christiansborg Palace

The stables house the current royal horses, and the museum displays the history of past kings with their horses. Also, I found the ruins below the palace very fascinating, as this is where you can see remnants from 2 previous castles. The Tårnet is the highest tower in Copenhagen at 106 meters, and it offers a stunning 360 degree view of the Copenhagen City. A lift, and a grand staircase from the Lumber Room, lead to the floor above the restaurant. 

Expect a 10-15 minute wait time! In addition, Tarnet is open to public and contains models from the previous palaces. Not to mention, the ultimate depiction of the working style of architects from the gothic era. This was an outstanding visit which took most part of my day. Above all, if you are walking from the Central Station, then you will reach the Palace in about 15-20 minutes.

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