Chef Anuj Singh, the Master of Indian Spices

Meeting Marriott Executive Sous Chef Anuj Singh, the Master of Indian spices, was indeed a pleasure. More so, because of the gastronomy experience, he offered on this very day. I’m not a big fan of Indian cuisine, but, that changed, as soon as, I tasted the Chicken Lagaan, Chef Singh had made for me. This former Taj chef certainly knows how to woo his audience, by putting together perfectly cooked Indian dishes.

Marriott Chef Anuj Singh

In fact, this dish “Chicken Lagan,” is one fine example of Chef Singh’s culinary expertise. Emitting the aroma of Indian spices, this dish uses a cooking method where tender (boneless) chicken nuggets in a smooth Cashew and Khuskhus (poppy seeds) gravy.

Chef Anuj Singh

During our lunch conversation, Executive Sous Chef, Anuj Singh, gave out his ultimate secret to be cooking such inspirational food. At first, he opened up about his early hotel management days and then spoke about his culinary journey with Taj. In 2007, Chef Singh began his cooking career with Taj Sats Air Catering, in New Delhi. Thereafter, Chef Singh moved to Marriott International, carrying his 10 years of food legacy with Taj Hotels & Resorts. Today, Chef Anuj Singh is catering his prestigious services to Indore Marriott, by cooking exceptionally delicious Indian cuisine.

Chef Anuj Singh Chicken Lagaan

In time, Chef Anuj Singh revealed that initially, he had no plans to pursue a culinary career. Not at least, until he joined the college! He says, one is naturally inclined to join the army if your dad and relatives hail from that background. But as fate would have it, Chef Singh’s spotted a White Chef Coat, during a dinner at Taj Palace, New Delhi and instantly decided to become a Chef.

Indore Marriott Cashew Chicken

In recent times, Chef Singh enjoys every single day of his life by cooking with his soul. By the end of the conversation, If I had to describe Chef Anuj Singh in one line, I would say, he is a bundle of creativity, patience, dedication, and hard-work on the plate. Each one of his recipes portrays distinct ingredient vibrancy, phenomenal flavours and love in form of balanced spices.

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