Not Everyone Will See Christmas This Year!

Pretty much, we all take life for granted until one day we lose someone close to us. At that moment, we realise the distinctively valuable aspects of our life which subside into a subtle memory of background. Most often than not, this memory recedes a subconscious-mental-processing which goes as far as the presuppositions let it. And who would know it better than Manmeet Kumar, a Spiritual Healer who lost her own mother to cancer? This sad occurrence allowed Manmeet to closely-associate with the pain correlated to the disease. To an extent, that she decided to follow the path of healing, by devoting her life to curing cancer patients. These days Manmeet conducts an array of healing workshops for Cancer patients, survivors and their families so that they can naturally heal the mental and emotional pain of Cancer.

Manmeet Kumar Cancer Workshop

She’s organising one such workshop (for the second time) in Gurgaon on December 23rd because she knows that not everyone will see Christmas this year. While we can only imagine what Cancer must do to its victims and those associated with the patient, Manmeet will guide people into dealing with the excruciating emotional pain of cancer!

The workshop will cover:

1. How to achieve emotional stability during the suffering from cancer?

2. How to meditate to reduce the after effects or pain of Cancer Therapy?

3. Basic guidance and techniques for reducing anxiety, physical pain and learning to stay positive during or after the treatment.

4. Learn how to connect to the power of the Universe to get energy & increase immunity in your body.

5. How to heal emotionally to move ahead of grief?

Manmeet Kumar Cancer Healing

If you know of anyone who’s suffering from Cancer or has survived it, then please share the details of this workshop with them. Not only, is this a chance to learn about Akashic records therapy but also an opportunity to comprehend Theosophy and anthroposophy, of all human thoughts, events, emotions, words, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future.

Details of the workshop:

Date- 23rd December

Day- Sunday

Time- 10 am to 3 pm

Venue- Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon

For Registrations, please call

Megha 9910638282

Neerja 9582529841

Seema 9873109503

Mansi 9953170105

Pratima 9811626045

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