8 Breathtaking Countries in Asia Worth Visiting

I live on Earth’s largest continent, Asia, which covers one-third of the total land mass. And we are surrounded, by the magnanimous Pacific, Indian, and the Arctic Oceans. On the whole, Asia is a culturally rich land featuring awe-inspiring, mountains, canals, architectural marvels, and cuisines. From metropolitan to isolated islands, my continent offers everything from adventure, ancient history, to cultural trips. We have something for everyone! Here, I have compiled a list of 8 Top Destinations in Asia worth visiting. I have been to the first three but, the remaining 5, are on my priority travel bucket list.

1. Incredible India

Incredible India is my Home turf, therefore, let’s begin with this country which by far, has the richest traditions. We have plenty of architectural heritage, street food, shopping avenues, gardens, and stunning beaches, to entice you. Although, to entirely feel the magic of India, you must travel through some of its most important cities. Moreover, India is loved by all, because, it provides the best value for money. While, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Calcutta are some of the expensive metro cities, others are comparatively much economical to visit. Some of the authentic jewels worth discovering are Varanasi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Agra, Kochi, Goa, Hyderabad, Rishikesh, Manali, Pondicherry, Ahmedabad, Vishakhapatnam, and Haridwar.

2. Singapore

During my first visit to Singapore, I was taken aback by its sci-fi city vibe, tall structures, yet, with greenery all along. This economic powerhouse of Asia is one of the most expensive to visit. (Its high standard of living is certainly very high-priced) Even though it’s a big-budget city, there are numerous reasons, why you should visit Singapore! I could not stop drolling over luxuries, Michelin star restaurants, public art, architecture, malls, and the Botanical Gardens of the Bay. I had an incredibly good time relishing their local cuisine, then Asian cuisine, and of course, leisurely strolling at the Marina Bayfront to soak in all the scenic beauty. If you love to experiment with new food, then you must try Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Chilli Crabs, and Bak Kut, a Chinese soup cooked with five spices. Oh, and don’t forget to buy Ginseng Extract, a Chinese secret herb. 

3. Malaysia

Malaysia is a nation of stunning Islands, crystal clear waters, and warm countryside. With over 875 Islands, this land of eternal summer makes the perfect vacation spot throughout the year. In fact, this country is a melting pot of diversities and exotic cuisines. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is popular for its Petronas Twin Towers, glittering skyscrapers, historical heritage, and colonial architecture. Above shot was taken from Pahang, Malaysia.

Asian Destinations on my “Travel Bucket” list

4. Cambodia

Cambodia is on my top priority list to travel! I want to visit the capital city of Siem Reap, which I have heard, is easy to move around and has plenty of attractions. For a solo traveler, there is no better place to visit than one which is full of history, culture, friendly people, museums, nightlife, markets, and adventurous activities. By all means, I will take a day trip to the breathtaking temples as well as, the ruins of Angkor Wat. I once read this place houses ancient structures in the world’s one-of-the-largest religious complexes. All in all, this 12th-century complex, along with the Angkor Thom royal city, symbolizes Cambodian culture and mythology.

5. China

Let’s agree, everyone wants to visit China and Japan, in Asia. In particular, China, because it features, the finest remnants of the imperial past. I want to experience everything from its cultural heritage to modernism, to the wealth of history. China’s 800-year-old capital city, Beijing, is home to marvels Ming Tombs, Forbidden City, Great Wall, and the Hall of Harmony. Then there are imperial styled palaces, porcelain-laid spires, relics and establishments like the Mao Memorial Hall and Tiananmen Square.

Spend your evenings at the traditional shopping areas, like outdoor markets, floating markets, Wangfujing Street, Qianmen Street and the Silk Market. In the evening, I’d like to explore the traditional shopping avenues, like outdoor markets, floating markets, Wangfujing Street, Qianmen Street, and the Silk Market. When in China, everyone should eat dim sums, along with a cup of healthy Chinese tea. If I happen to visit Hong Kong then Disneyland will be my first stopover. Can’t wait to watch Disney’s Electric Light Parade and one-of-a-kind skyline. I have heard, the traditional Chinese architecture of Ngong Ping village and Victoria Peak are worth a visit as well.

6. Indonesia

Why Indonesia? Well! Why not? Indonesia features legendary beaches and I’d be happy to sip my next summer cocktail on one of those stunning coastlines, immersed in glorious sunsets and mystified waves. In all honesty, can’t think of a better way to take a break from the crowded cities. Even though, what fascinates me most is Indonesia’s endless passion, for Spas and shopping. Moving on to food, Indonesian cuisine, has a spicy coconut flavor and is absolutely delicious to taste. I have tasted Indonesian cuisine at several restaurants, except for, in the country. Considering it’s by the bay, I’m expecting Indonesia to serve me the best of fresh seafood. (Whenever) Either way, from isolated beaches to luxurious experiences, Indonesia, certainly has the best of best.

7. Thailand in Asia

Thailand is one-of-the-most economical destinations in Asia, hence, another favourite of tourists. There’s so much to do in Thailand from adventure sports, shopping, to Spa experiences. Someday, I would love to visit the capital city Bangkok for its floating markets, Grand Palace, and the 15th-century Emerald Buddha sculpture. Then there are also the European-style gardens, Siam Square, and Phra Nakhon, the temple of the Reclining Buddha. Thailand also has 15 different white sand beaches including Patong Beach. One of the best places in Southeast Asia, to enjoy phenomenal sunsets lingering over the horizon. Also, can’t wait to taste their coastal seafood and homemade ‘herb-y’ noodles.

8. Japan

Last but not the least, Japan, although a small island, yet, is an unmissable country in Asia. Where Tokyo, is famous for pop culture, the Japanese countryside is flourishing with karaoke bars and ancient temples. Home to more Michelin-starred restaurants, than Paris, Tokyo is world’s most expensive city! When it comes to food, Japan offers fresh indigenous flavours, rich in nutrients. I want to specifically try the delicious local udon noodles, sushi, and wagashi.

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    1. These are some awesome countries in our home continent 🙂 and they are also reasonable as compared to European and Western countries 🙂 Do explore..Cheers!

  1. I’d be glad to visit every single one of these countries, especially Thailand and Indonesia. Ticked off only India so far 🙂 But the country is so vast that a lifetime is not enough to discover all of its hidden gems.

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